4 Best Online Stores for J–Pop Merchandise That Ship Worldwide

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  • Say you’re a huge fan of J-Pop, but unfortunately, you’re not in Japan to obtain any J-Pop merchandise. Now, where do you get it even though you’re far away from Japan?

    There are four reliable online stores for J-Pop goods and they are Amazon Japan, CDJapan, HMV Japan and YesAsia.

    AMAZON JAPAN – based in Japan

    Amazon Japan is one of the most reliable online stores for J-Pop goods. But just like on any other Amazon, besides J-Pop merchandise, you can purchase other goods like cellphones, cameras, and clothes among others. Furthermore, some stores ship worldwide via DHL express. They also pack your items with great care so they won’t be damaged. However, they only offer one payment method for international orders and that is a credit/debit card.


    CDJAPAN – based in Japan

    CDJapan is also one of the most reliable online shops for J-Pop merchandise. Aside from J-Pop goods, CDJapan also offers anime, manga, and fashionable clothes among others. This online store offers first press bonuses just like the physical stores in Japan. Furthermore, you can choose seven different shipping methods, which are FedEx, EMS, Registered Air Mail, Air Mail, Registered SAL, SAL and SAL Parcel Post. The bonuses like the posters are packed in protective tubes to make sure they won’t be crumpled during shipping. Moreover, they pack with great care to avoid damage. You can also earn reward points when you buy from them! When you pre-order, you can receive the items at the same day of release. They also have a mailing service to let you know what the latest goods in CDJapan are. As for payment methods, you can choose from a variety of options, which are credit/debit cards, international postal money order, Alipay, Paypal and cash. You can also edit your orders like adding one more item into your latest order, which is only valid with the credit card option. What’s more amazing with CDJapan is you can listen to a sample audio to decide whether the CD is worth purchasing. Last but not the least, CDJapan offers services to customers in four languages: English, French, Chinese, and Spanish. However, one con of this store is that J-Pop item sales are no longer included in the Oricon Charts.


    HMV JAPAN – based in Japan

    Just like Amazon Japan and CDJapan, HMV Japan is an online store, which caters to all J-Pop fans. One major plus of this store is they offer ticketing services. They also offer goods like magazines, international CDs and DVDs and the likes. However, they only have one payment method, which is the credit/debit card. Also, they only ship via EMS worldwide.


    YESASIA – based in Hong Kong

    YesAsia is yet one of the most trusted online stores for J-Pop. Aside from J-Pop, they also offer K-Pop and C-Pop goods. They accept credit/debit card, check and paypal for payment methods. What’s especially good about this store is that they offer free shipping on orders for 39USD and up!


    Which store among the four do I personally recommend?
    This is just a personal opinion, but I greatly recommend CDJapan since they have excellent service. They handle every order with uttermost care.

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