Japanese Celebrity Photobooks: An Insider’s View of Your Favorite Stars!

  • Are you a fan of J-Pop idols? Are you also a fan of Japanese actors and actresses? Do you buy their official merchandise? Do you perhaps buy their official photobooks as well?

    What are these photobooks?

    J-Pop idols, Japanese actors and actresses are fond of releasing photobooks for their fans. It is one way of connecting to their followers by revealing their life on and off the camera.

    Here are some examples of photobooks released by artists in Japan:

    Perfume’s Portfolio (Artist)

    Are you familiar with Perfume? Perfume is Japan’s techno-pop unit! The members are A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi.

    Perfume’s Portfolio is the first ever photobook that Perfume released since their major debut. The wonderful photos for this photobook were taken by Kazuaki Seki and were shot in Shanghai, China. It also includes an interview with the members.

    Amuse Inc. had a special offer when fans pre-ordered the photobook from their store. A few lucky fans will get to receive the photobook with Perfume’s signatures! How cool was that!

    We can see that Perfume members are having fun by jumping and running around the shoot. They can be themselves in the photos as shown in the photobook.

    Nishiuchi Mariya’s Mariya Mania (Actress/Model)

    Have you watch the live action of Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo? Then, you might be familiar of Nishiuchi Mariya (西内まりや) since she acted as Shiraishi Urara in the said live action drama. She’s also one of Seventeen magazine’s top models.

    Nishiuchi Mariya released a photobook called “Mariya Mania” in 2013. You can see Mariya spending her vacation in Hawaii in this photobook. “Mariya Mania” is not your ordinary photobook. It also serves as a style book since the book also includes beauty, fashion and make-up tips too!

    Nishiuchi Mariya is really a beauty as you can see on the sample photos!

    Rurouni Kenshin Movie Photobook

    Not only you can see Japanese artists being themselves in the photobook, you could also see the on screen activities of your favorite Japanese actors! I think only Japan and Korea has this kind of trend.

    The movie franchise of Rurouni Kenshin released a photobook for their two-part movie, Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends. It features some scenes and behind the scenes of the movie.

    As a huge follower of Japanese entertainment, I support the artists by buying their merchandise especially their photobooks. I think photobooks are much more worth it than magazines. You can see two sides of your favorite artists: their life in front of the camera and their life outside the entertainment scene.

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