3 Japanese Snacks that Will Go Perfectly with Your Late night Beer

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  • When you are out for a drink with your friends in Japan, you may notice a plate of nosh put in front of you to accompany your beverage. Here are a few common options you may see at bars, or izakaya. Don’t be shy, dig in!

    Boiled Soy Beans (Edamame)

    These are a great and healthy option to enjoy. Boiled soybeans, served hot and lightly salted are high in ..adsalkjfdlask and delicious. Of course, you don’t eat the outside, just bite the pod and the bean insides pops into your mouth.

    You can also buy these pre-boiled in super market appetiser sections, or in the frozen aisle. Just pop them in the microwave and enjoy the great taste of Japanese pub snacks at home! Additionally, you can get the pre-shelled frozen version to add to a stir fry or quiche.

    Kaki Pi

    Kaki pi are definitely not as healthy as edamame, but are a tasty staple at many bars or a dish you give out to your friends. They consist of half-moon shaped rice crackers, mixed with peanuts. The crackers are salty and soy sauce flavoured, and the peanuts are salted.

    The snack gets its name from the shape of the rice crackers – just like the seeds of the persimmon (kaki), and pi – a shortened version of peanut. You can also buy them at convenience stores or supermarkets. Give them a try, after all, who doesn’t love a salty crunchy snack?

    Beef Jerky

    I know! Not Japanese! So strange! But, beef jerky is a popular bar snack. Everyone knows salty things go great with booze, and it is kind of nice to munch on something a little expensive and gorgeous while you are enjoying some ice cold brews.

    If you are lucky, you might come across the really gorgeous kind, as pictured above, made from delicious Kobe beef.

    So, the next time you are in a bar in Japan, or a Japanese bar in another country, you may come across these treats. Also, if you are wondering why there is a small bar charge, this may be the reason! Happy snacking!

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