Weird or Inventive? 3 Bizarre Japanese Products You May not Know About!

  • It’s no doubt that Japan is an innovative and creative country that brings us some of the most unique, cool, and sometimes the most unusually bizarre products the makers in this country could come and think of. Urusakunai Kara OK!, Banana Keeper, Nose Stretcher and a whole lot more.

    Some of these unusual products have made their way around social networking sites gaining a number of “What in the world is that?!” and “Would someone really use that thing?” reactions from tourists seeing it for the first time. But this is Japan and the people here make products for a certain user’s purpose. Below are 3 normal looking items to the naked eye, but can you guess what these items are for?


    At first glance, the CANGAL may seem like your ordinary stiletto looking accessory. Well it can be used for one if the users would like to, but this product wasn’t made only for that purpose. The CANGAL is actually a can opener specifically made for women!

    Many women in Japan are fond of their nails. Imagine the time and money they put into those nails on their fingers and just end up breaking them, the thought of having to open a can of drink is an ordeal.

    In 2012, CANGAL made a collaboration with crystal-designer brand Swarovski, showcasing a beautiful selection of gift purpose CANGAL can openers.

    Yume Takochin Octopasu Kun

    Octopasu Kun is the local character in Minami Sanriku from Miyagi Prefecture, which the idea of the Yume Takochin Octopasu Kun came from. Many would actually wonder what this product is for, but for one though, it doesn’t do anything.

    The Yume Takochin Octopasu Kun is actually a good luck charm for exam takers! I’m sure many of you are aware of how much the Japanese love their charms, and this item became quite a boom because of how cute it looks. The idea of the Yume Takochin Octopasu Kun actually came from its name. When you read Octopasu in Japanese, it’s actually Okutopasu, Okuto(Shiken ni) + Pasu means to place and pass (the exam). A unique idea made by the Japanese.


    Probably an uncommon item for those from the west is Mimikaki. It just looks like a stick with a scoop by the tip, but it may actually be scarier to use for those with no experience of it. 耳掻き, is the kanji composition familiar to you? Simply said, the Mimikaki is an ear cleaner. Don’t the Japanese have cotton swabs to clean their ears, you ask? Of course we do! But the use of the Mimikaki is actually the traditional one used before and is still now.

    I don’t need to explain how you clean your ears with this, you just scrape all the ear wax CAREFULLY. You don’t want blood gushing out of your ears if you overdo it. If you want though, you could get someone to clean out those wax for you! You can either go to a professional cleaner or you can also opt to visit the maids in Akihabara to do it moe style for you.

    So did you have any idea what these items are for before you read about them? Surprisingly enough, these items don’t seem to look like weird ones but just have a bizarre purpose to them. Japan’s creativity can stretch to the point of a number of whatnots but that’s what makes this country interesting! Try to check these items out for yourself especially the mimikaki service if you’re in Japan!

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