5 Pepsi Flavors That Have Appeared in Japan Over the Years

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  • Japan is a country that is known for having far, out there flavors for their snacks. Sakura-flavored Kit-Kats are a popular example of such. But what about soda? Well, look no further than Pepsi! In Japan, Pepsi is distributed by the whiskey company Suntory. The popular cola continues to hold its own against its rival, Coca-Cola, in the land of the rising sun.

    In Japan, there are various flavors that are being brought out every couple of months to the delight of soda junkies. This post will let you dive right into the wild and wondrous world of Japanese Pepsi’s coolest and most unique flavors.

    Please note that you can no longer buy any of these flavors.

    Pepsi White

    This was released back in 2008 as a limited edition drink. The original Pepsi White is said to have been yogurt flavored. However, an alternative version of the drink was released in December, 2012 and is actually tangerine-flavored! To differentiate between the two versions of Pepsi White, look at the label design. The newer version is decorated with a festive snowman while the original is not. Above is a picture of the original and below features a picture of the other version.

    Pepsi Salty Watermelon

    Here’s another interesting taste when it comes to Pepsi, this is the Salty Watermelon. This is considered to be one of the flavors that Suntory drops during the summer. In previous years, there has been Shisho and Ice Cucumber on the shelves. It came out the same year as the Pepsi White, having hit the shelves in July of 2012. This drink is not too far-fetch when given context. Many Japanese people eat this fruit, even sprinkling salt on the watermelon to bring out the flavor. So it really does provide the “refreshing taste of summer”. The label features a watermelon on the forefront with a sunny, beach in the background.

    Pepsi Ice Cucumber

    Yet another questionable flavour to be turned into a Pepsi. This is actually a cucumber flavored Pepsi that was released back in the summer of 2007. While being one of the older Pepsi version on the list, it is one of the most notorious. It is said that it has the refreshing taste of a fresh cucumber.

    Pepsi Pink

    Like the Pepsi White, this cola also comes in two versions. The first version was released as a limited edition drink in November, 2011. While the second version came out in December, 2012 under the name “Pepsi Pink Cola”. Despite the name variation, they both are strawberry-milk flavoured. Just showing how popular the Pepsi Pink really was during its original run!

    Pepsi Azuki

    Last but certainly not least is the Pepsi Azuki. This is cola has an Azuki bean taste to it and appears to be the same color as the bean. It was sold back in October, 2009. The Japanese are no strange to the taste of Azuki so yet again the combination was too far-fetched. The label for the Azuki has a very elegant or mature look to it. Maybe trying to capture an older crowd?

    At the end

    That’s it for the “5 Pepsi Flavors Found Only in Japan”. The most disappointing aspect of this is that many of these flavors are limited edition and have since been out of production. However Pepsi White and Pepsi Pink does prove that with some luck and popularity, your favourite flavour can return too! What are your favourite Pepsi flavors? Have you tried any that have appeared on this list?