What Is the Latest Mode of Transportation Otakus Are Wild About?

  • Home to some of the coolest and most famous animations, Japan has made a number of attention-grabbing makeovers of various forms of transportation. They have made Pokemon and Gundam themes for airplanes and countless anime franchises used for train designs.

    And this time yet again, Japan will bring to its travelers (and otaku) something special that they will surely enjoy. Make sure you prepare your cameras to grab a memory of these new themes, as it will definitely make a lasting impression.

    ANA Star Wars Sky Project

    Japan’s largest airline company, ANA, has done it once again. They once featured a Gundam themed airplane and now Star Wars. Although Star Wars is not originally from Japan, many people in Japan are fans of this franchise. Showcasing an R2-D2 design for its ANA jet, the first flight was made on October 2015. Also in March of 2016, a BB-8 design will also take flight for international routes.

    What’s more, the planes will also offer all six of the Star Wars films which the passengers can enjoy as part of the company’s in-flight entertainment. Headrest covers, paper napkins, and even cups will also feature characters from Star Wars.

    Shinkansen Evangelion Project

    Fans of the Evangelion franchise can now enjoy a ride on the Evangelion Shinkansen! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Sanyo Shinkansen and the 20th Evangelion anniversary, both have decided to celebrate together and teamed up to make the 500 TYPE EVA Project.

    The shinkansen’s design takes its style from the anime’s Evangelion Unit-01 and just started running in November of 2015. The project not only tackles on the exterior of the shinkansen but also the interior’s walls, seats and even Unit-01’s cockpit. Happily for fans, this train will be running until 2017! So there’s plenty of time to try it out!

    Japan always knows how to bring cool to a whole new level. If ever you’re here in Japan or planning to come, try to ride one of these to experience its coolness for yourself!

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