6 Popular Halal Snacks You Can Buy in Japan

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  • Japan is a country that prides itself on its many delicious snacks and treats. Snacks in Japan can vary across the country in terms of flavor and ingredients, some areas may have their own unique types of food, and special items can make wonderful souvenirs for friends and loved ones waiting at home. Snacks you find here can be sweet, made from special local plants or animals, or even represent local wildlife, historic places, or attractions. They are hugely fun to buy, taste, and explore.

    Japanese snacks are known to be delicious and often they are wrapped up or presented in a cute, pretty, or unique way that makes them enticing. Many tourists love buying snacks from Japan to be given as souvenirs or to be enjoyed alone. Since Islam is not very big in Japan, Muslims who travel to the country may have trouble finding snacks that they know are okay to eat according to their beliefs. This list was created to help Muslim travelers know what is fine or “halal” for them to eat.

    1. Muso Castella Cake

    These cute cakes come in three different flavors which are matcha green tea, honey, and brown sugar. Matcha is the most popular one, which isn’t surprising as Japan’s green tea flavor is incredibly well-loved! The cakes are halal certified by Nippon Asia Halal Association, so feel free to eat and buy as many as you like! Castella is a sponge cake which actually originated in Portugal. The cakes can be found at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport and make perfect souvenirs.

    2. Kappou Yama Sakura Jam

    Jam is a nice snack that you can spread on toast or crackers or serve alongside cakes. The flavors of Kappou Yama Sakura Jam available are peach (from Yamanashi Prefecture), strawberry (from Tochigi Prefecture), blueberry (from Saitama Prefecture), apple (from Aomori Prefecture) and orange (from Ehime Prefecture) which are all halal certified. The fruits are sourced domestically, making them extra special. These jam products can be found in Laox stores in Shinjuku and Akihabara. Try a couple of flavors for yourself or take them home as a gift for a jam-lover.

    Laox Stores Japan

    3. Ryukyu Kokuto’s Brown Sugar Candy

    Brown sugar candy is very popular in Okinawa, the southernmost tropical island prefecture of Japan. You can find them at Naha Airport or other souvenir shops in Okinawa. Besides brown sugar candy, Ryukyu Kokuto also produces other snacks which are already halal certified such as green tea chocolates and mint chocolates which you can check out at their website.

    Ryukyu Kokuto website

    4. Kuro Tamago

    “Kuro Tamago” literally means black eggs. These eggs are a specialty of Owakudani in Hakone, an area that is famous for its beautiful lakes and hot springs. The eggs are boiled in hot sulfur spring waters which turns the eggshells black and makes them smell slightly sulphuric. There is a saying that eating one of these eggs increases your lifespan by seven years. Kuro Tamago are completely halal as well, and if you are feeling a little adventurous, why not give them a try?

    5. Hello Kitty Cookies and Gaufrettes


    Hellokitty Gaufrette set. 1 box isi 21 bungkus. Pas bgt buat gift or oleh2 dari jepang. 🎎🎁👍🍫💝😘😍🎌💏. Available in 🍦vanila, 🍫chocolate, 🍓stawberry. Open po, ready 28 feb. #hellokittygaufretteset #hellokittychocolateset #hellokittychocoballs #hellokittysnackcollection #sanriooriginaljapan #mymelodychocolateset #rilakkumagaufrette #rillakumacookies #rilakkumachococrunch #rilakkumachocolateset #snoopycookiesandchocolateset #pekochan #pekochanlollipop #doraemonlollipop #pockysnoopy #pockydoraemon #caplicoroycechocolatestick #casinocoinchocolate #kitkatjepang #kidgoodiesbag #crispypistachiosjepang #oatchocolateserealbentukhati #spreads #happyhippo #hanutaminis #instakuliner #newpumpkinseedscrisps #timtamredvelvet

    Japan Snack, Cake And Cookiesさん(@ishirasnackhouse)がシェアした投稿 –

    You may have heard of Hello Kitty, the adorable mascot who is often featured in soft toys, stationery, and sweets. These cookies, which are halal certified by JAKIM Malaysia, are sold at LAOX stores at Shinjuku, Akihabara, and Aeonmall Narita. Some of the gaufrette flavors include the popular matcha green tea, banana, and strawberry. Buy these for a Hello Kitty fan!

    Laox Stores Japan

    6. Kit Kat Uji Matcha

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    Uji is a popular tea region in Kyoto and the matcha green tea from Uji is famous in Japan. You can easily find this flavor of Kit Kat anywhere in the country, especially at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport. Although there is no halal certification for this chocolate, the product does not contain any haram ingredients so it is safe for Muslims’ consumption.

    Searching for food that you know you can definitely eat can be tough, and even more so if the packaging is in a language you don’t understand! Hopefully, this article gave some insight on some delicious snacks you can eat and buy while you are exploring and enjoying everything this wonderful country has to offer.

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