You Haven’t Seen Crazy Design Until You’ve Seen These Japanese Biker Gang-Inspired Cars!

  • Bosozoku is a term to denote the Japanese motorcycle gangs who modify their bikes and may sometimes indulge in violent gang activities. Japan has taken inspiration from these modified motorcycles and used the term bosozoku for their quirky and creatively modified cars. Bosozoku cars tend to be flashy and have exaggerated, over-the-top designs.

    Hot Wheels, anyone? It seems like this car would be difficult to park due to its length. What’s with that recurring pole theme, anyway?

    I would imagine that the owner of the car is a very loving and peaceful sort of gangster! The kanji word on the car reads as “ai” which means love.

    This screams “back off! Don’t get too close or you will get impaled by these poles!” I can see how the poles are useful here. This is an ingenious way to ward off annoying tailgaters.

    Two Pikachus were harmed in the making of this design.

    Are those exhaust pipes designed to send soot to high heaven?

    Witness this truck, as it will bring you to the gates of Valhalla.

    Going downhill might be a scary experience. The passengers at the back would be squished or thrown to the front.

    These bosozoku vehicles are definitely not that practical for being used on the road. They are meant to be more for form than function. These bosozoku vehicles definitely display creativity and wackiness to car fans!

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