Top 6 of The Best Local Ramen Shops in Sapporo, Hokkaido! 2019 Hokkaido Spring Fair in Funabashi!

  • If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Japanese island of Hokkaido, you will probably find yourself in Sapporo at some point. Sapporo is the capital city of Hokkaido and the fifth largest city in Japan.

    People come to Sapporo as is well-known for its stunning surrounding area for snow sports, hot springs, Sapporo beer and a nice selection of hotels, restaurants and natural sights. However, if you come to Hokkaido, you definitely need to try the local food!

    Hokkaido cuisine is a little different from the rest of the country and usually known for dairy products, delicious potatoes and vegetables, hot pot (nabe), fresh seafood and of course, its variety of Ramen!

    Sapporo ramen is loved by people all over the country and probably the most popular type among the flavours is the miso ramen. The typical miso ramen in Sapporo is topped with sweet corn, butter, bean sprouts, and scallops. It’s delicious and can be found everywhere!

    The locals will probably tell you that besides miso ramen, there`s also many other assortments you should try, so why don’t you break away from the tourist spots and try one of these 6 highly recommended ramen shops, extremely popular among the locals and experience Sapporo`s flavours during your trip.

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    1.Sapporo salmon ramen [Akamatsu]


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    The Ramen from Akamatsu is a Salmon based ramen that can only be eaten in Sapporo, at Akamatsu.
    As it is a ramen made from salmon dashi(broth) you`ll probably think is quite an unusual combination, but I guarantee that the Akamatsu ramen is the best in the world !

    You can enjoy many different flavours such as みそ(miso), 醤油(Shouyu/)soy sauce), しお(shio/salt); Doro Shouyu being one of the most popular ones. The broth has a rich taste and the bowl also comes with a slice of lemon that, squeezed into the ramen, changes the flavour, giving off a more refreshing taste, so it can be enjoyed more than once! The ingredients used are also fresh ingredients from Hokkaido and the noodles are very tasty; the owner uses nemagari bamboo instead of Menma, turning the ramen into a delicious local dish.

    The shop gives off a nice and warm atmosphere and the shop owner is very kind, so if you want to delight your taste buds and have a wonderful gourmet experience, go with Akamatsu Ramen!

    The operating hours are:
    – Wednesday- Friday: 11:30 AM-14:45 PM; 5:30PM -7PM.
    – Saturday/Sunday and National Holidays: 11:30 AM-14:45 PM; 5:30 PM -7:30 PM

    Akamatsu Ramen Official Website
    Akamatsu Ramen FB Page


    Akamatsu Ramen at the Hokkaido Spring Fair in Funabashi

    Salmon Broth Miso Ramen


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    In 2019, at the Tobu Department Store in Funabashi, located within 20 km from Tokyo, easily accessible by train, you can have a taste from the delicious salmon broth ramen at the 6th floor of the building, also try many other different dishes from Hokkaido, buy some souvenirs and have a taste from the delicious croquettes or Hokkaido’s Soft Cream while you are at it!

    The Hokkaido Spring Fair is available until 27th of March, however you can try out the Akamatsu ramen until tomorrow, 20th of March (on 19th: 10 AM-6PM and 20th : 10AM-last order 5 PM), so hurry up !


    2. Shingen

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    Shingen is a popular local treasure! It is situated in the Susukino district of the city and is a nice ten-minute walk from Susukino Metro Station. When you arrive there, you will likely see a noticeable line of people waiting eagerly to go in! But don’t be put off by this, because on a normal day you will usually only wait for around 20 minutes before being seated.

    The base soup in the ramen at Shingen is made from pork bone stock and is combined with baby sardines, vegetables, and miso. The soup has been simmered for a long time and you can really taste the care, time and attention that goes into this dish.

    The ramen is mild and creamy and goes well with medium-sized noodles. This ramen shop also has a detailed English menu, so it’s easy to know what you are ordering without having to guess!

    Shingen Tabelog page

    3.Keyaki Ramen


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    . ・けやき 新千歳空港店 ・北海道千歳市美々987-22 新千歳空港 国内線ターミナル3F ・コーンバター拉麺:1,100円 札幌味噌ラーメンの老舗と言えば「けやき」でしょうか。 その新千歳空港店を評価しましょう☆ 味噌ラーメンオンリー店なのでメニューにはラーメンの名前しか書いてないです。店内では味噌ラーメンしかないんですか?とか言う人もいて、味噌以外を頼もうと思って入るとちょっと困惑します(^_^;) . 今回は「コーンバター拉麺」を頼みました。 もやしにネギにキャベツなどの具材が乗るオーソドックスな味噌ラーメン。 麺は縮れ麺、スープは表面がラードで覆われており見た目は熱くなさそうですが、一杯一杯を中華鍋で煮込んでくれるため、超熱々で食べれます。 味はコクがあって味噌を存分に楽しめます。 バターを入れるとマイルドになるのでお勧めです! 流行りのラーメンを食べる前にオーソドックスな札幌味噌ラーメンを是非。 評価:3.6 熱々なので、空港で飛行機が迫る中で食べると絶対に舌を火傷します。 #麺スタグラム #麺活 #ラーメン部 #拉麺部 #Rahmen #ラーメン #ご当地 #ご当地グルメ #北海道 #北海道ラーメン #ラーメン倶楽部 #ラーメンインスタグラマー #ラーメンインスタグラム #1食の価値有 #1食の価値 #けやき #けやきラーメン #けやき味噌ラーメン #味噌ラーメン #みそラーメン #北海道味噌ラーメン #北海道みそラーメン #札幌味噌ラーメン #札幌みそラーメン #新千歳空港 #新千歳空港ラーメン #空港ラーメン #千歳 #札幌ラーメン #有名店

    たなべさん(@abtanabecd)がシェアした投稿 –

    The Keyaki ramen is a miso based type of ramen and there you can try Hokkaido`s specialty: the corn butter Ramen, made with local ingredients. It tastes heavenly !
    The keyaki ramen is the perfect food for this cold season and it will warm you up and offer you the best gourmet experience ever! The noodles(麺/men)and soup are well-balanced, is not too oily so it has a lighter texture compared to the stronger pork broth taste type of ramen.

    It is definitely worth trying and the garlic ramen with curly noodles topped with plenty of vegetables and fried garlic is also one of my recommended dishes !

    Keyaki Ramen Website

    3.Shirakaba Sansou Ramen


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    Slurped down the bowl of goodness🍲 #throwback #hokkaido #marche #jap #food #ramen #gyoza #sappororamen #shirakabasansou #yumyum

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    Shirakana Sansou was first opened in Sapporo, but is currently expanding all over Japan and the Miso Ramen from Shirakaba Sansou is refereed to as “The Legendary Miso Ramen”. They believe that ramen is passion and a good bowl comes from the heart and after tasting their ramen I could feel that
    they are putting soul in making it !

    The miso soup has a thin layer of oil that helps keeping the heat and the soup has a rich broth made from a pork bone-seafood blend. However, neither of the flavours overpowers the other so the result is a well-balanced bowl of ramen.

    Shirakaba Sansou Ramen Website*Japanese Only

    4.Ginparou Ramen


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    #辛ラーメン #味噌 #2018年84杯目

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    Ginparou Ramen has quite a few shops in Sapporo, all having a cozy and nice atmosphere and really kind staff! On their Website they affirm that Ginparou Ramen is a “Noodle Restaurant for the People”, the service is really good and you should definitely try their varieties of ramen while in Sapporo.

    On their menu, you`ll see the famous corn butter ramen specific to the region and many other types of flavours including Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce) with local vegetables, delicious noodles, pork, boiled bamboo shoots and delicious soy sauce broth. You can also pick a spicy flavors of shoyu or miso ramen if you`re more into spiciness.

    Personally, my favourite is definitely the Kara miso(Spicy miso) ramen! You should definitely give it a try ! You can also pick miso or salt as flavors or try the Negi Ramen topped with plenty of green onions(you can choose if you want miso, soy sauce or salt flavour).
    Besides the ramen, you can also try out other dishes from the menu such as gyoza(fried dumplings), spring rolls, even ice cream !
    Give it a shot during your trip!

    Ginparou Ramen Website

    5. Ebisoba Ichigen

    This great ramen shop specializes in Ebisoba. Ebisoba is a popular shrimp based ramen which is absolutely delicious and is becoming very popular these days in Japan.

    In Sapporo, there are two Ebisoba Ichigen shops. The main one is located in Susukino, but there is also a shop at New Chitose Airport. Both places enjoy popularity but if you can make it to the main store it’s well worth the wait! However, if you don’t have time then you can always visit the one at the airport!

    You will find three types of soups to choose from for your ramen. These are regular shrimp based soup (Sono Mama). Shrimp and tonkotsu (pork) mix (Hodohodo), or a thicker mix (Ajiwai). You also choose between thin and thick noodles for your ramen.

    The taste of this shrimp ramen is wonderful and you won`t regret visiting this popular place!

    Ebisoba Ichigen Tabelog page

    6. Maruyama Tetsuya

    This great little place is located in the beautiful Maruyama area of Sapporo and is just three stops from the city’s central area of Odori. The original shop from Tetsuya, ‘Ramen Tetsuya’, is actually located in the Susukino area, and this Maruyama store is a brother shop of it.

    The Maruyama shop is in a particularly nice setting so I’d really recommend making a trip to this one if you can. The wonderful broth served here is thick and topped with fatty but amazing tasting pork. The soup is mild and delicate, and noodles are especially famous, homemade with whole wheat flour. The combination of wheat noodles and delicate broth is enticing and really works!

    Maruyama Tetsuya Tabelog page

    So here are just 6 of the best locally recommended ramen places in Sapporo. There are so many ramen stores to choose from in this city, but if you want a guaranteed warm and hearty ramen, you won’t go wrong with one of these established places! Have a great time in Sapporo!

    Would you like to stay in Sapporo? Check out all the hotels in the area here!

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