Food on the Go: 3 Fast Food Apps You can Use in Japan

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  • With smartphones ubiquitous and delicious fast food, what better way than to get it on the cheap, by combining apps and fast food. This may help you navigate the world of fast food in Japan, or find some familiar comfort food on your trip.

    These apps are all free, downloadable from iTunes etc, but for the most point only have Japanese capabilities. They do have pictures, however, so you should be able to figure it out. You can save at least a few yen on current deals, and sometimes crazy specials, like 100 Yen or more off of regular prices.


    Fairly easy to navigate, even with minimal Japanese skills. Just look for the katakana for a coupon – クーポン at the bottom of the screen. Scroll up and down, choose your passion, and swipe right. You then have 60 minutes to use your coupon (just give the number to the cashier) before it disappears.

    KFC: The King Of Chicken

    The Colonel is big in Japan. Super big. As in, we all eat it at Christmas kinda big. Their app is the key to getting something finger licking good on the cheap. The app has basic English on the main titles, and offers great coupons for the taking.

    Open the coupon section, and your options and coupon numbers appear onscreen. Show the coupon to the cashier, or just say the number, and you are in chicken paradise.

    Lotteria: The Overlooked Option.

    Lotteria is a food chain often overlooked by tourists, but you should definitely check it out. Founded in Tokyo in 1972, Lotteria is famous for its delicious cheeseburgers, and sometimes crazy menu items. If you walk by and see a sign for a rib sandwich, go in and eat that thing! It is amazing. Also their occasional tower burgers, shown below, are insane. Insane in a good way.

    The app is easy to use (Japanese only) but the word Coupon is in English. Just click on upon, bring up your preferred option, and show it to the cashier! Voila! Cheap eats for you!

    So, if you are travelling to Japan, why not download a few of these before your trip? It may help you stretch your Yen a little more than usual. Just be sure to add ‘Japan’ after your initial search, lest you download the McDonalds app for Malaysia.

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