8 Random Facts You May Find Interesting About J-Rocker Miyavi

  • Miyavi (雅) is known as the Samurai Guitarist for his cool and unique guitar-slapping style. He is also known in the West for his role as Mutsuhiro Watanabe in the movie Unbroken. Here are some of the random facts about Miyavi which you may not have heard before.

    1. Unbroken isn’t the first movie he starred in

    Prior to Unbroken, he acted in Oresama in which he starred as himself. In the movie, which was released in 2004, Miyavi travelled 20 years back in time and met his younger self.

    2. He is half Japanese and half Korean

    His dad is Japanese while his mum is Korean. His Japanese name is Takamasa Ishihara while his Korean name is Lee Ki Ah.

    3. He was in two other bands

    Before going solo, he used to be a member of visual kei bands called Due Le Quartz and S.K.I.N.

    4. He could have been X Japan’s lead guitarist

    Miyavi and Sugizo were the last two candidates who could be selected as the lead guitarist of X Japan which is a highly successful band in Japan. In the end, Sugizo was chosen to join X Japan.

    5. He doesn’t shop for clothes often

    Miyavi once claimed that he hardly shops for clothes because he receives many clothes from his fans which he wears.

    6. Miyavi used to kiss his male guitarist and other men

    He did that as fanservice at his concerts. He has claimed to prefer females.

    7. He is married with two kids

    His wife is Melody who was a J-pop singer. Together, they have two daughters named Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara and Jewelie Aoi Ishihara.

    8. His name was previously spelt as Miyabi

    Miyabi means elegant. In Japanese, the b and v consonants are pronounced quite similar to each other. After he left Due Le Quartz, he changed his name to Miyavi.

    Were you amused or entertained by these random bits of information about Miyavi? Have you heard of any of these facts before? If you have, then you truly are a big Miyavi fan!

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