Burger King Challenges McDonalds: The Big King Project Japan

  • There’s no doubt that McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food hamburger chains worldwide and its popularity has reached the shores of Japan long ago as the country began to embrace the Western culture. As Japan keeps opening up to the fast food culture of the West, more hamburger fast food chain franchises are trying to penetrate the Japanese market being fully aware that they are head-to-head with McDonald’s. Burger King is also one of the well-loved and popular fast food hamburger chains all over the world which has also been a part of the Japanese market for a while now.

    The Big King

    McDonald’s has been very popular with its flagship burger called Big Mac which has been selling quite well in Japan. But Burger King has taken an aggressive move to match McDonald’s Big Mac with its new offering — Big King 4.0 sandwich. This burger contains two patties of meat topped with lettuce, cheese, special sauce and another slice of bread in the middle. Burger King openly points out that their patties are cooked using an open flame. Thus, compared to their competitor’s patties which are flat-grilled, Burger King’s patties are tastier.

    Strategy to Boost Sales

    Burger king has a rather unusual promotion in Japan to boost its burger sales. This promotion includes discounts on their flagship burger Big King if you bring a receipt that shows your recent purchase of McDonald’s Big Mac. What is more unusual is a discount offer when you bring into the fast food chain an actual McDonald’s hamburger. This promotion is called the Big Discount which takes 120 yen off of the actual price of the Big King (490 yen) which levels, of course, to the actual price of the Big Mac (370 yen).

    Although it may seem strange to get a discount when you bring your actual Big Mac meal into the Burger King counter, this marketing strategy only suggests that you should try both sandwiches—Big Mac and Big King—at the same time so that you can compare them and taste the differences. Of course, Burger King is confident that their Big King is better than the Big Mac.

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