Eat and Drink Sinfully at ’DevilCraft’ Hamamatsucho!

  • DevilCraft Hamamatsucho is a craft beer and Chicago-style pizza joint. It was originally opened in Kanda in 2012 but a year later, a branch was opened in Tokyo. The three beer enthusiasts who founded the place saw the lack in good food served at pubs and bars in Tokyo. Thus, opening the DevilCraft turned it up a notch by going the gourmet route.

    About DevilCraft

    DevilCraft is located in the “Rise Well” building. You can locate the restaurant pub underneath the building’s huge logo. It looks trendy with its bar-style high seats! It is best to call ahead to make reservations otherwise you’ll be envying those who are already inside. The extreme popularity of DevilCraft is due to its flavor which bursts out of everything. Let’s say, for example when it comes to craft beers, they all have intense flavors which give it a good welcoming change from all the standardized draft beers in Japan.

    Craft Beer

    DevilCraft (DC) began in 2008. The beer enthusiasts, John Chambers and Jason Koehler became very interested in the many success stories of the craft beer movement in the USA. The original concept was to make a commercial brewery for outside sales. Later on, it evolved into a “brewpub” concept where beers are paired with food just like restaurants. After extensive planning and researching for a suitable location, the partners were able to open the first DC in Kanda. In the summer of 2013, DC Hamamatsucho was opened with 21 craft taps. As of 2015, the company received its very own license to brew.

    Chicago-Style Pizza

    The excellent beers were chosen to go perfectly with pizza. Though they serve some classic types of pizzas, the Chicago-style pulls a lot of customers into the place. These aren’t the flat circular types you normally have but are layers of pizza goodness stacked one on top of the other. Imagine it like a cake made of meat, cheese and tomato sauce all together! There’s no need to worry if you’re not a pizza lover. Its menu also includes snacks, salads, appetizers, desserts, wine and soft drinks.


    DevilCraft Hamamatsucho is located in Minatoku of Tokyo with 60 plus seats available and a standing space on the first floor. It is a totally non-smoking area. It is open on a daily basis with varying times.

    Monday-Friday: 17:00-23:00
    Saturday: 12:30-23:00
    Sunday: 12:30-22:00
    National Holidays: 15:00-22:00

    If you’re back home and want to show your friends what a real great pizza is, then you can never go wrong with DevilCraft!

    DevilCraft Website


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