Celebrate Sanrio Puroland’s 25th Anniversary!

  • With the variety of attractions you can visit in Tokyo, there’s no doubt it’s hard to visit them all. Instead, you might write down the most convenient and accessible places you can reach within the time of your visit. And for die-hard Hello Kitty fans, Sanrio Puroland is the place for you to go.

    And in December 2015, Sanrio Puroland will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Anniversaries are considered quite the special celebration in Japan with a number of showcases to feature. So I’m sure you’re wondering what Sanrio Puroland will offer its visitors for its 25th anniversary.

    Celebrating 25 Years of Sanrio Puroland

    On the 4th of December, the 2015 SANRIO THANKS PARTY! will start off. Sanrio’s theme parks, Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo and Harmony Land in Oita will both be accommodating one-day free entrance for its visitors. On the same day, both the young and the old can enjoy attractions, shows and a whole lot more for free. A special event will also take place which will include special greetings and a fan-sign meeting given by the main Sanrio designer! A number of character appearances and special goods will also be offered.

    And also in commemoration of Sanrio Puroland’s 25th anniversary, a special one part viewing of the new parade entitled “Miracle Gift Parade” will also be introduced on the same day. The full performance of the parade will start the next day. Also in celebration of Puroland’s anniversary, a new limited edition original food menu will also be showcased. On the same day of the theme park’s anniversary on the 7th of December, the birthday character Ichigo no Ousama (Strawberry King) will also make a special appearance.

    Sanrio Puroland is one of Tokyo’s top attraction sites to visit. It can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. So if you’ll be visiting Japan on these dates, try to make it on the 4th to experience Sanrio Puroland or Harmony Land for free. Bring your family as well because they will surely also enjoy this once in a year event.

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