Fashionable twists of the Japanese high school uniforms

  • JK fashion 1

    When you visit Japan, you will see many high school students wearing their uniforms absolutely everywhere! Especially girls who wear EXTREMELY short skirts just like the girl in the photo. They are called “JK”, which is an abbreviation of “Joshi-Kosei”. “Joshi” means girl, and ” Kosei” means high school student. So, that literally means high school female student. Anyhow, in Japan, most of the high school students wear the uniforms like this (mind you, the original uniform skirts are rarely this short, the girls usually roll up the waistband of a skirt). However, the way they wear the uniforms are pretty unique depending on the school, region, season, and trend.
    You can learn how they arrange school uniforms to look trendy!


    JK fashion 2

    “Haniwa-look” is one of the most common ways to wear the uniforms in winter. Winters in Japan can be really cold depending on the area, so they wear jersey under their skirts.


    JK fashion 3

    Some JKs and some schools choose polo shirts instead of blouses for the summer. Polo has a lot of color variations, so they can choose their favorite color be it pink, yellow, blue or whichever they want.


    JK fashion 4

    These long socks are called “loose socks”. The length of the socks is over 1 meter and they wear them loosely, the thicker the layers are, the skinnier the legs look. (In Japan, just like in many countries, almost all of the girls want to be skinny!!)

    K-pop style

    JK fashion 5

    With “K-pop style”, they wear sneakers instead of leather shoes, and they also wear sweatshirts instead of knit sweaters. This style comes from South Korean pop stars and is the latest trend among JKs.

    At the end

    These are only the most common ways of wearing the uniforms. I bet that you will see more variety of JKs who wear uniforms in unique ways. I think it will be fun to look at JKs and discover their new trendy styles for yourself!