Farewell to a Car Fan Favorite: Mitsubishi Discontinues the Lancer Evolution

  • The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has always been a favorite among car enthusiasts around the world. It was never the car with the best looks, or with the most luxurious interior. No, its concept was always much simpler. The Evo has always been about offering the best performance in a package accessible to Joe Average. The car can properly seat 5 adults, and carry enough luggage for your weekend road trips. On top of that it, never cost more than an entry-level compact premium sedan.

    History of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Series

    When Mitsubishi announced they would end production of the 10th generation model and not introduce a successor, car fanatics around the globe wept in sorrow. The first of the series, the Evolution I, was born into the Mitsubishi line-up in 1992, as a turbocharged high-performance variant of the popular Lancer sedan to compete in the World Rally Championships. The first of the breed used the drivetrain out of the VR-4, and was sold as GSR and RS grade. The latter was a stripped-down club racing version that lacked power windows and seats, ABS, a rear wiper, and had steel wheels to save approximately 70 kg off the 1238 kg GSR, while it came with all the conveniences of a typical street car.

    The Lancer Evo series saw great success in the WRC (World Rally Championships) stage, increasing its international fame as a car that gets things done. In the hands of Finnish racer Tommi Makinen, it would get 4 consecutive driver titles in the championship. Mitsubishi would become a household name in the world of rally, where racers drive flat-out through gravel, tarmac, and snow covered terrain. The Japanese automaker would take the know-how learned from rally racing and apply it to the development of the family car. The end result was a family sedan with the capability to blast down technical roads without a hitch.

    The Final Curtain

    After 10 generations have been introduced to the world, Mitsubishi would end the series with the Lancer Evolution Final Edition, a limited production model, to bid farewell to the legendary sports sedan. The series would surely go out with a bang. Based on the GSR model, the Final Edition would feature new enhancements and increases to horsepower and torque. Inside a special set of Enkei alloy wheels are lightweight 2-piece Brembo brake rotors accompanied by Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs around all four corners.

    Car lovers around the world will surely miss this high-performance family car from Mitsubishi. Offering blistering performance on a mundane platform, there are many like it, but never quite the same.

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