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  • As a Human being I always have the that I’m literally connected to every living creature on this planet especially trees. I love going to places that have the trees and I actually have 3 pets at my home which are a Bird, Turtle, and a Bunny, I adore them so much.

    At first I was not aware that Ueno City had it’s own ZOO because this place is more popular when it comes to cheap priced stores lined up all over the place. So let’s come back to Ueno Zoo, Ueno Zoological Gardens is the oldest zoo in Japan founded in 1882. This Zoo owns different kinds of rare animals, and that is the reason why I decided to get in and take a look together with my few close friends. This Animal Park amazed me before I even entered. It has an automated Vending Ticket Machines that are really convenient for a vast amount of customers.

    Let’s take a look at some fo the Animals inside Ueno Zoo.


    I hate Pandas! (Said no one ever). The truth is we tend to immediately like the adorable Animals like Pandas. In 1972, the very first giant panda came here from China, the country that has the biggest number of them.

    Gorilla Woods

    I felt really sad because I wasn’t able to capture the beauty of Gorillas living inside of these woods due to a very cold weather. Like us, humans, they can easily get sick if their bodies are exposed to very bad weather conditions.

    Tiger Forest

    Tigers normally live in the wild which causes them to be really dangerous and unpredictable at any cost, but like cats, they could be tamed too if they were raised properly. I’m pretty sure that this tiger is getting enough care inside this little forest, he seems very calm he’s not even bothered by our movements.


    As you can see these Elephants have their own little lake inside the habitat. Elephants love to play in water, they don’t just drink it, they are the best swimmers too in case you didn’t know that.


    Some of the Birds are living in different locations inside the Zoo, both indoors and outdoors. All Birds are perfectly well trained.


    Monkeys have a different personality just like the other animal, but they are much more similar to us due to the cleverness and having very sharp minds. This monkey seems like he’s in the emotional state of mind that is kind of cute to observe.

    Polar Bear

    The polar bear is a marine mammal because it spends most of its life inside water. However, it is the only marine mammal with large limbs and feet. They prefer to live in an extra cold weather. This picture shows that he’s handling an orange ball to play with because they love having fun too.

    Ueno zoo Access
    Hours: 9:30 〜 17:00
    Holiday: Mon.
    Tel: 03-3828-5171

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