5 Great Shops to Buy Christmas Decorations in Japan

  • Spending the holidays abroad for the first time can feel a bit lonely. The foods are different, traditions are different, and of course, the decorations are just not the same. Thankfully, much like Halloween, Christmas in Japan seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. Although it is hard to find a real Christmas tree, the availability of decorations seems to be increasing each year.

    Listed here are a few places in Japan where you can find Christmas decorations to lighten up your place, and your spirits! Of course, you can go out and see great illuminations in public, but it is nice to have a little holiday warmth at home as well.

    1. 100 Yen Shops

    For the budget conscious, big 100 Yen stores DAISO (ザ・ダイソー), Seria (セリア) and Can have a lot of choice in decorations. These stores and most others start offering Christmas decorations just after Halloween ends, if not before. You can pick up all sorts of things, from little trees and small reindeer to jelly stickers for your windows. Really, there are all sorts of cute trinkets to be found, and most cost only 100 Yen!

    2. Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ)

    Ahh, the big Donki. If there is a place that has anything, it has to be Don Quijote. They offer small to medium sized fake trees, lights, pre-decorated trees, and a whole range of other Christmas items. They also offer some Christmas costumes, Santa, Elves and cute Mrs. Santa for example. Check out Donki if you have time, you may find exactly what you are looking for. Most items are reasonably priced and of fairly good quality.


    【2017クリスマス】 キラキラと自動で雪が舞う、ランタン型のスノードーム。 クリスマスシーズンのインテリアにオブジェとしてお使いいただける、落ち着いた色味とデザインが素敵です。 #Francfranc #francfranc_official #フランフラン #interior #インテリア #interiorcoordinate #インテリアコーディネート #クリスマス #christmas #xmas #クリスマス準備 #christmasdecorations #クリスマスアレンジ #christmasparty #クリスマスパーティー #snowdome #スノードーム クリスマスまでの毎週末、青山店にてクリスマスイベントを実施中! 今週末12/16(土)は野宮真貴さんのクリスマスライブを実施します。 詳細はプロフィールのURLからご覧ください。 #funfunchristmas #野宮真貴

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    This shop has more upscale, classy decorations. Think coordinated ornaments and pretty Christmas baubles. They have a great choice of colors, and can help you deck out your home with a classy look for the holidays. Francfranc tends to be more pricey than other places, but hey, you do get the quality you pay for.

    4. Home Centers

    Home improvement stores are great places to look for holiday decorations. They usually have larger trees, and lots of illumination options. There seems to be a much better selection of larger, more vibrant decorations at home centers. I have been eyeing an LED reindeer there for my yard for quite some time.

    5. The Amazon.jp Christmas Store

    Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before, but this is the first time I have seen a dedicated Amazon Christmas store in Japan. It is crazy: they have EVERYTHING! Delivered right to your door! Trees, ornaments, lights. I think I am getting out the credit card right now.

    Click here to visit the store.

    If you need a good boost of Christmas spirit, or want to make your home feel like you are back at home with your family for the holidays, make sure to check out the places above! Happy Decorating!

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