Turn You Bathtub Into a Spa Resort With These Japanese Bath Additives!

  • Bathing should really be considered one of the national pastimes for Japanese people. We love baths. The bath is the key to the happiness. Let some of these bath salts and scents set you up for the most relaxing experience of the lifetime!

    Here are two of the most popular brands you will find at most stores, buy some, and relax your way to a better you.

    Bath Roman

    Bath Roman bath additives come in a variety of scents. The options are totally endless: citrus, flowers, herbs, forest, etc. My personal favourite is totally and completely sakura – cherry blossom. It is light, but sweet-scented.

    The available choices also reflect the seasons, with cooling menthol in summer, and ginger heating bath additives in winter. Prices range, but expect to spend anywhere from 300 to 500 Yen for a 680-gram package.

    To use it, just measure out the appropriate amount as specified on the back of the package, and adjust to your liking. Add it into the shallow water of the bath, and let the water fill up. Then, wash yourself, get in and soak up the comfort.


    BaBu is another of the famous brands, and these tablets are incredibly convenient. Rip the pack open, drop a tablet in the water-filled bathtub. You can let it all fizz out before getting in and soaking, or hop in when it is half fizzed out and enjoy the bubbly sensation.

    Again, the choice of scents is endless. The Yuzu is one of my favourites, it is relaxing, and seems to ease the tension in my shoulders. Another big hit is the forest scented version,. It reminds me of relaxing in Yakushima, in the middle of the nature. Although flowers are very popular, I prefer to smell like a manly man. Forest. Wilderness. Rugged. You see where I am going with this.

    Prices range from 300 ish Yen to 600 for a pack of 20.

    In both cases, you can buy these great relaxation products at the drugstores, discount shops, or even online at Amazon Japan.

    Next time you are feeling stressed out and need to relax and unwind, fill up the tub, pop one of these products in, and experience nirvana. Enjoy some great Japanese scents and have a unique and relaxing experience.

    Happy Bathing!

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