Quench Your Thirst For Nightlife At These 3 Sapporo Clubs!

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  • Hokkaido may have the coldest winter in Japan, but it doesn’t mean you can never party at night. There are so many active night spots for an unforgettable nightlife with friends or for a romantic date night with your significant other. Here are some of the greatest night spots to go to in Hokkaido.


    If you’re a fan of singing a few tunes and downing a few beers, then Riviera will have you covered. This club is located in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido. It opened in 2013 and has been attracting many customers. It is a good place to have a few drinks and party with some locals. One thing that makes Riviera cool is the karaoke stage that is used more often on quiet weeknights. It is open every night of the week until 5 am. The cover charge is fairly reasonable: 1,500 yen for weeknights and 2,000 yen for weekends. It is lower for women.

    Riviera Website


    Pit Nightclub

    A more recent entry into the nightlife scene in Sapporo is “Pit Nightclub.” This claims to be a decent nightclub which opens every night except on Sundays. The cover charge on weeknights (except Fridays) is 1,500 yen for men and 1,000 yen for women. It is more expensive on weekends (3,000 yen for men and 2,000 yen for women). It doesn’t sound like the cheapest club in Japan, but it does have a pretty good value as there are only a few good clubs in the area.

    *This store seems to be closed parmanently



    Alife is considered to be the largest club in Hokkaido. It hosts a variety of DJ events, themed parties and other special shows. It exudes so many different atmospheres and endless music that this club will definitely keep you interested. The cover charge is more expensive: 2-500-4000 yen for men and 2,000-4,000 yen for women. You must be 20 years or older to gain entrance in the club and you must not be affiliated to any criminal or anti-societal organizations.


    So buckle up and head to these after-work places to get that much-needed fun night in your life!

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