Experience Early Digitalized Spring At The ’Flowers By Naked’ In Tokyo!

  • Projection mapping or images mapped onto 3D Objects have become a big hit in Japan. What was once used for entertainment has now reached an even further stretch of occasions like wedding ceremonies. The beautiful sight of these projection mappings first drew attention in Japan during 2012.

    Ever since then, the use of projection mapping has spread to public facilities, some of them are now used in shopping malls, aquariums, hotels and even in Tokyo Disneyland. But all of this started when an event in Tokyo took place to celebrate the completion of the original appearance restoration of the Tokyo Station Building.

    Flowers By Naked

    Brought by the same people who made the projection mapping attractions possible for the Tokyo Hikari Vision and City Light Fantasia, Naked Works will once again bring a new concept event for viewers to enjoy this coming 2016. Flowers By Naked is an event housing 7 productions which consists of flower arrangements, artworks, images, interaction, fragrance and food & drink with flowers as their motif, where the viewers can come and enjoy a feast for all the 5 senses.

    To be showcased in the Flowers By Naked event is the wall of Mozaic Flowers where a person’s shadow looks like a stretched out image of a flower, as well as the appearance of flower petal falling. Another thing to enjoy in this event is the Garden Lab. Vivid test tubes and bottles are all lined up where you can enjoy the atmosphere of flower aromas and oils.

    The Flowers By Naked will be taking place for one month starting on the 8th of January next year and running until the 11th of February at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall. The advance purchase of tickets is available at 1,100 Yen and will be 1,300 on the day. The Flowers By Naked is a great opportunity to enjoy the early viewing of flowers in Japan before the spring hits so make sure you don’t miss this chance!

    Flowers By Naked *Japanese Only

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