Can’t Afford a Smartwatch? Try These Futuristic Watches Instead!

  • The future has now landed right on your wrist! Long gone are the days when watches only tick and tock. Technology’s reach has spread far and wide and now we have digital watches too. But more impressive than digital watches nowadays are smartwatches!

    While there are many watches associated with smartphones, certainly not everyone is able to afford them. But how about a futuristic watch that costs less than the smartwatches instead? Right now, there are 2 watches perfect for the description and not to mention these are Japanese-made ones! So let me introduce to you these futuristic watches you’ll surely love!

    TokyoFlash Japan

    You’ll never see a watch cooler and more futuristic than watches from TokyoFlash Japan. They offer hundreds of wristwatches from various collections like the e35, Futara, Pimp, Equalizer and their most famous one, the Kisai brand. Aside from the cool and futuristic design of their watches, there’s one more thing you’ll notice. You can’t tell time easily with this watch.

    The watches made by TokyoFlash Japan are not for people who just simply want to know what time it is. But instead, these are for those who appreciate art and design. Although TokyoFlash Japan doesn’t have a physical store, the shop two O two carries some of their watches and they have an online store that caters to people all over. There are also many language selections to choose from and they also have affordable prices for having such cool watches.

    FES Watch

    Crowd-funded by Sony, the FES Watch will now be offered to the public soon for a limited time. The FES Watch, though, is not a smartwatch. But the cool thing about this watch is aside from the changing black and white face and design of the watch, the strap also changes!

    The magic behind the watch is because of the e-paper or FES Material. The FES Watch is all about design and customization and is perfect for the minimalist in you. Only two stores will be carrying the FES Watch, which are MoMa Design Store in Shibuya and Isetan in Shinjuku from December 1st and it will cost 27,500 Yen (Tax excluded).

    Check out the FES Watch in action here.

    Japan has now brought us some of the coolest and most futuristic watches we could have ever imagined. Not to mention both are stylish too for an affordable price. Check out the stores if you’re in Japan or their online store to browse other items!

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