8 of The Most Widely Used J–Pop Idol Poses

  • Do you aspire to be a Japanese idol? Learn these moves and get closer to looking like one! These are the common poses and dance moves I noticed which are regularly used by Japanese idols.

    1. The Magic Finger

    I call this the “finger pointing towards the sky” dance move. I think this is a common move deployed by idols to give them a more “magical” quality, something like power rangers, Sailor Moon, and Kamen Rider, all of which have their own power moves or poses. I have seen this move performed a lot by Hello! Project idol groups, Johnny’s Entertainment idol groups and AKB48 too.

    2. The “Point At Your Face”

    The above photo shows Kyary Pamyu Pamyu lightly tugging her lip with her index finger. The tugging is not necessary and many idols pose similarly without tugging their lips. This pose is meant to give you that kawaii look, but it can also be used to divert attention to the lips, like if you use a new lip color or lip fillers. Another popular option is to point at your cheeks.

    3. The Heart Pose

    This is another pose which is supposed to amp up the kawaii factor. It also sends an “I Love You” message to fans.

    4. Hands Placed Near the Face

    My guess is that this pose is meant to balance the overall photo because it will look weird without anything at the sides. It can also be used to show off your nails.

    5. The “10 Fingers” Pose

    You need to be enthusiastic and act a little surprised while using this pose, as if you are going to shout. Alternatively, there is another option where you act like you are shouting something out so you need to slightly open your mouth while spreading your fingers.

    6. The “Gambatteh” Pose

    The “do your best” pose is performed by placing a fist next to your face.

    7. The “I Did It” Pose

    Quite similar to the Gambateh pose, except that two fists are required.

    8. The “Hands Out” Pose

    Somehow this seems like a 90s boyband pose.

    Now after learning some popular idol poses, you can try them in your next selfie or photo! Even better, get a gang of friends and perform idol poses together! It would certainly make your photos look more interesting and kawaii.

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