Extend Your New Year Celebration with Electrox at Makuhari Messe!

  • Electronic dance music or simply EDM has become a craze in the past few years especially in the United States. DJs creating mixes of a seamless selection of tracks from one to the next with people joining in the fun dancing with friends.

    Certainly enough the EDM craze has hit Japan as well. Actually, the craze just hit so hard that there are at most, weekly EDM events taking place in different parts of the country. Party goers and EDM fanatics are sure to have fun in Japan with these events around, but the largest of them all will be happening soon once again.


    Electrox, organized by Creativeman Productions, is the one of the largest dance music festival events in the whole country and this event brings some of the best local and also international performer lineups to play your music for you. The Electrox EDM event started in Japan in 2014, and is always done just within the first few weeks of the new year extending the fun from where you left off at your new year celebration!

    The 3rd Electrox EDM Event will be on the 9th of January in 2016 and with some of the performers already announced which will include names like R3hab, Vinai, Kaskade, KSHMR, Afrojack and many more right at Makuhari Messe again for the third time around. Ticket prices are 12,000 yen for the regular tickets and 24,000 yen for the premium tickets with a private viewing area, lounge, entrance lanes and more.

    Makuhari Messe

    Some of you might be wondering why the Electrox EDM Event will be at the Makuhari Messe. The Makuhari Messe is actually the place that mostly hosts technology-related events and at the same time the Makuhari Messe’s location is one of the easiest to access from Tokyo.

    Joining the fun at the Electrox EDM Event is a great way to extend your new year’s celebration.


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