Dine In at the Limited Time Only Cinnamoroll Cafe!

  • The creativity and imagination of the Japanese people is so broad that they put the outcomes they produce into a wide variety of merchandise. Anime or manga, children’s characters and even personalities have made it into a number of themed merchandise like room decor, accessories, food and even LINE stickers.

    And yet once again, the creative people of Japan have made another famous character into a cafe theme collaboration. Who is the character? It’s Cinnamoroll!

    Don’t know who Cinnamoroll is?

    Cinnamoroll is one of the famous characters from Sanrio. Also called Cinnamon, he is a cute white puppy with long ears, blue eyes and pink cheeks with a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll. Cinnamon starred in its own manga, anime and a number of short animations.

    Cinnamoroll Cafe

    Placing 3rd in this year’s Sanrio Character Ranking, Cinnamoroll became the leading character for the Cafe Collaboration. The collaboration will be running for 3 weeks from the 4th of December up to the 28th, the Cafe will be open in Shibuya Parco and is produced by THE GUEST cafe & diner.

    The limited edition menu will have an assortment of volumey sweets and drink menus. One of the food selections to look out for is the Soratobu Cinnamon Curry. This menu features Cinnamon with big ears which seem like he’s floating on the blue sky. What’s more is that the blue sky is actually curry and the cloud looking ones are cotton candy!

    There are also a number of dishes to choose from aside from Cinnamoroll themed ones. Other characters from the Cinnamoroll series will also be included for the menu selection. Limited edition Cinnamoroll Cafe goods will also be sold here only and stocks are limited too so make sure to check them quickly.

    The Cinnamoroll Cafe offers a variety of visually appealing food in their line up. I’m sure the girls and ladies would love this Cafe and not to mention taking photos of these foods will be certain. The Cafe will be opening soon for a limited duration so go check it out for yourself!

    Cinnamoroll Cafe

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