4 Delicious Japanese McDonald’s Items You Can Enjoy Right Now!

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  • McDonald’s, being an international chain and all, has their fair share of standard items, even in Japan. The Big Mac. The muggets. The fries. But, their local offerings are equally delicious, so take advantage of the ‘weird’ options if you have a chance.

    Like most restaurants in Japan, the menu changes often to reflect seasonal change and tastes. McDonalds is all about the short-term, limited edition, yummy things to get you in the door.

    Here are a few delicacies, if you can call McDonalds items delicacies, that you can enjoy right now! They are cheap, quick, and delicious.

    1. BBQ Pork Burger (バベポ) – 200 Yen

    This burger is made up of a teriyaki pork patty, topped with lettuce, onion, pickles, and cheese, and amazing BBQ sauce all on a standard McDonalds burger bun. Although I prefer beef to pork, the sauce is amazing. A little sweet, a little smokey, and all around delicious.

    2. Ham & Lettuce Burger (ハムタス) – 200 Yen

    This burger is made up of lighter, fluffier bun topped with lettuce, tomato, roasted ham, sliced cheese, and a mild mustard sauce. I know it’s McDonald’s, but it tastes… healthy! A perfect midday snack, in my opinion. It reminds me of a ham sandwich that you would get at a small deli or sandwich shop in the US.

    3. Egg and Cheese Burger (エグモ) – 200 Yen

    This burger is made up of a 100% beef patty, topped with cheese, an egg (similar to their egg McMuffin eggs), onions and pickles. For sauce, you get ketchup and mustard. A perfect combination.

    This one is my personal least favourite. Because of the egg. I hate eggs unless they are scrambled. But, if you remove the egg, you are left with a simple cheeseburger. If you like cheeseburgers and eggs, give it a try.

    4. Triangle Chocolate Pie (三角チョコパイ) – 100 Yen

    Ok. Honestly, I wait for this every year. I have stained 3 sweaters and one jacket because of these pies. The chocolate does tend to dribble out after the first bite. I’ve also burned my mouth a few times in an effort to get more chocolatey goodness in my mouth faster. It was all worth it.

    The chocolate is amazing, the crust light and flaky. I wish they would abolish the apple pie altogether and just offer this year round. If they did, I would need bigger pants. It is the heaven of pies.

    If you are feeling overstuffed on Japanese food during your travels and need a little taste of the ordinary, why not try the extraordinary! Even international fast food chains have options catering to local tastes, and you may just stumble across something new that you can Instagram and make your friends jealous.

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