The Majesty of Inuyama Castle, Nagoya

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    Visiting Nagoya without going to Inuyama is like going to Rome and skipping the Vatican. Among the attractions, Inuyama Castle dwarfs all else like a gentle giant peeking at us, the ants and bees, from its lofty mount. Visitors come and go, yet this calm white jewel atop the hill remains unchanged even as the Kiso River and the waves of time keep flowing past.

    From the top of the castle one may enjoy a panorama of the city, and as always, the contrast between the new and old, the Western and Japanese traditions and styles illuminating and confusing at the same time, it is not impossible that after the ascent to the top, you will descend with a little more wisdom then you had started.

    The sparkling blue purity of the Kiso River, the deep green of the rich foliage hugging this ancient domicile, and the serene atmosphere of the entire place conspire to steal the visitor into the bosom of a land of daydreams in broad daylight, and many find themselves willing victims to the charms of the place, often extending the duration of a planned stay.

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    The Japanese are particularly adept at arranging trees and plants in order to create living paintings against a natural background, and Inuyama Castle is one of the peaks of perfection of this modern art form with deep roots in traditions and ancient sensibility.

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    The white gem on the emerald hill is strikingly beautiful in any season, but the splendor of autumn and the blossoming of the sakura perhaps provide the best backgrounds to enjoy a fulfilling, colorful trip to one of the most famous touristic regions in Japan. If you enjoy colors, history, and love nature, this well-maintained Japanese jewel of refinement, full of journeys in wisdom, will leave you craving for more, and whether alone or in company, the lure of Inuyama Castle will seal your love with this ancient, yet lively picture of beauty along the banks of the Kiso River.

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