Behind the Scenes of Great Cosplay Shoots: Reality vs. Expectation

  • Cosplay is a work of art. Many cosplayers make their own costumes and props, do their own makeup and hairstyles which can be quite a tedious and painstaking process. For instance, some anime or manga characters have hairstyles that defy logic and gravity so the styles cannot be achieved just by using hairstyling products. Out of the box methods such as shaping the hair using cardboards might be needed in that case. All of us can admire good photos of cosplayers perfecting their art and we often wonder how they could look so perfect. The truth is, there are more than meets the eye and here are some of the photos which showcase the dedication of cosplayers behind the scenes in attempting to get a great photo:

    That sumo wrestling pose seems like it would hurt the back.

    “I’m riding an imaginary bicycle which is faster than your grandpa’s.”

    Another imaginary bicycle. These poses seem so wrong if you know what I mean.

    It seems like a sweet photo at first but the reality is always not that sweet.

    Height is always an issue when it comes to cosplay as the male characters tend to be very tall.

    The art of crouching is always needed in cosplay shots.

    With yoga, you could probably achieve that pose easily.

    Otherwise, you can just use a conveniently crouching friend.

    Instead of crouching, you can always get a stool to add height to your cosplay partner.

    Alternatively, you can perform a stationary lunge which would give your thighs some workout.

    At your service, holding flowers for ya, ma’am!

    Because sometimes all you need is a kick by a friend to save you from falling.

    I’m amazed by the level of dedication of cosplayers to get amazing shots! It is not all glamourous at all as much as sacrifices and creativity are needed for these photos. Even if you are not into cosplay, you should admire the hard work of these folks!

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