Starbucks’ Secret Menu in Japan: 4 Delicious Recipes

  • With the introduction of Starbucks in Japan in 1996, it is truly undeniable how this coffee chain has made its mark in the country with over thousands of outlets nationwide. But, aside from the core menu that Starbucks offers worldwide, there some secret recipes that you can order in any Starbucks chain in Japan that you should not miss. Be sure to order by the recipe and not by the name, and the baristas will be able to help you!

    1. Mio-chan Special

    This concoction is a customized recipe that appears in the comic series Nichijou (or Everyday in English). So how do you make this secret recipe? First, you have to order a white chocolate mocha frappuccino and tell your barista to add a caramel sauce (which is free of charge by the way). Then ask your barista to add some hazelnut syrup and chocolate chips. However, you will be charged for another 100 yen except for extra whipped cream. Finally, add an espresso shot which costs another 50 yen and there’s your grande size Chan-mi Contact Special which costs 660 yen.

    2. Valencia Passion Tea

    Perfect for the sweltering heat of summer, this secret recipe is perhaps the easiest to order. Just ask your barista to add Valencia syrup in your Passion tea for an additional charge of 50 yen only and you’re good to go. For a price of 370 yen, you can now enjoy this tall size Valencia Passion Tea.

    3. Coffee Green Tea Cream Frappuccino

    For just 570 yen, you can get this tall size Coffee Green Tea Cream Frappuccino that will surely leave a uniquely bitter taste in your mouth. To order this secret recipe, you will have to ask your barista to take the syrup off your green tea cream frap and add coffee instead for just an additional charge of 50 yen and you are good to go.

    4. Honey Milk Latte

    You can enjoy this secret recipe with no extra charge by simply asking your barista to add a lot of milk to your Starbucks hot latte. Then, go to the condiment bar and get some honey and add it to your drink. This secret recipe would only cost you 380 yen and it comes in a tall size.

    If you are a Starbucks addict, you will definitely want to give one, if not all, of these a try!

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