Try Delicious Freshly-Made Conveyor Belt Sushi at Nara’s Daiki Suisan

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  • Nara is Japan’s oldest capital city, and while most people visit this site for its museums and historic sites, most visitors miss out sampling the foods that this place has to offer. Nara also offers B-gourmet sushi such as the conveyor belt sushi at Daiki Suisan that is almost at par to the quality of fine sushi restaurants in the country.

    Daiki Suisan

    Daiki Suisan Group or Daiki Fisheries is a company that sells B-Gourmet sushi. The company has 24 sushi chains located in Nara and Osaka prefectures and is very hands-on and meticulous in its sushi business. Not only does Daiki Suisan handle the production and selling of sushi to its customers in all its Kaitenzushi chains but also the fishing. This is to make sure that each customer gets fresh sushi at a very affordable price.

    Daiki Suisan Offerings

    Daiki Suisan offers sushi at a price range of 108 yen to about 1,000 yen per plate of sushi minus tax of course. Not bad for someone who is travelling on a very tight budget. The standard conveyor belt sushi starts at a price of 108 yen per plate and their best seller includes the Kappa Sushi (a standard maguro) and katsu tataki (lightly braised bonito with minced ginger and green onions). Many people also enjoy the aburi shio saba (lightly braised and salted mackerel) and katsujime kanpachi (seasonal greater amberjack) at a fairly reasonable price of 150 yen to 200 yen per plate.

    As you go along the more expensive sushi plates, the fish that is also used to make a more creative sushi plate is more expensive. For instance, aburi shio negi salmon (braised salted salmon with green onions and a house sauce) costs 250 yen per plate. At a price of 500 yen to 800 yen per plate, Daikan Suisan offers a mouth-watering salmon toro (fatty salmon belly meat), maguro chu-toro (mid-range fatty tuna) and aburi maguro chu-toro (lightly braised mid-range fatty tuna).

    So, if you’re in the area and are wanting that delicious Japanese sushi fix, check out Daikan Suisan!

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