Find the 7 Dragon Balls in a Winter-Warming Hot Pot in Nagoya!

  • Ever watched the Dragon Ball series which as a result may have inspired you to want to collect dragon balls? When I was a kid, I always wanted to own a Doraemon or the 7 dragon balls so that my life’s wishes could be fulfilled and I could then lead an easy life without many worries. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever wished for this. If you still have that kind of wish, look no further as this Japanese restaurant is one step closer to fulfilling your childhood dreams.

    Dankedainingu Restaurant

    Dragon balls in a hot pot! All 7 of them can be found easily at this Japanese restaurant named Dankedainingu (暖家ダイニング) which is located in Nagoya, Aichi! The appearance and texture of the dragon balls seem pretty much like the ones you have seen in the anime series. They look slightly translucent and bouncy!

    What are they made of?

    The dragon balls are actually made from collagen jelly with the stars made of carrots. Those who are creative can probably try to make the dragon balls themselves at home. When the soup is heated and boiled, the dragon balls will melt and disappear into the soup. Aww! That must be disheartening to watch.

    Collagen balls are not a new idea as they have been added to hot pots or nabe in many restaurants for quite some time already. The collagen balls are said to be beneficial for the skin and joints. When melted, they provide a more gelatinous texture to the soup. Many Japanese women consume collagen regularly to plump up their skin and to slow down the ageing process.

    Inspired by Dragon Ball anime series

    The dragon ball hot pot is sure to excite Dragon Ball fans. Not only do they look pretty, they are healthy for your skin and joints too! The only caveat is that the dragon balls do not make your dreams come true. However, it certainly makes you reminisce the good old days of your childhood!

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    *Please note that this restaurant is now closed.