3 Perfect Jogging Spots in the Middle of Tokyo

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  • Running is a great sport and it has been gaining popularity in recent years to help modern people cope with things like lack of needed physical exercise and locomotor movements, as well as the rising number of unhealthy food and poor diet. There are many benefits in running such as weight loss, improved cardiovascular and respiratory health, fitness and many more.

    In Japan, a health-conscious country, many people try to have a certain sport or exercise that they regularly do. Some of these are swimming, a variety of indoor sports and of course, running! With Tokyo being such a large city, some of you might want to go for a good run but perhaps don’t know of good places. Here are 3 of the best running spots you can try out in Tokyo.

    Yoyogi Park

    Yoyogi Park is filled with trees making it a cool and pleasant round for the runners under the shades of the trees even during the summer season. There are 1.2-kilometer, 1.9-kilometer and 2.4-kilometer courses that even beginners can start with. Toilets and shops are also available inside the park no stoplights will disturb you on your run.


    Imperial Palace

    There are many runners who make their rounds at the Imperial Palace. The whole perimeter that you can run around the palace is approximately 5 kilometers which is quite a good lap for most runners. There are no stoplights so you can run non-stop without being bothered. Not to mention the great view you can see while doing your rounds. There are also public toilets, fountains and even vending machines along the course making it very convenient.



    The running course in Odaiba was just made in 2011. There are 5-kilometer, 3-kilometer, and a straight 300-meter courses, the runners are free to choose whichever they like most. Running here is easy because of the distance markers and the area has set up showers and lockers. The running courses in Odaiba offer some of the best ocean and green sceneries runners will surely enjoy.


    No doubt getting to run in Tokyo with its beautiful scenery is a good experience aside from the health benefits you can get from exercising. You can see many Japanese and non-Japanese runners making their rounds at the places I mentioned above. Just make sure to avoid weekends if you don’t like your road too crowded!

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