Why Japan is a Traveler’s Safe Haven

  • Have you ever dreamt about going to Japan but you are too afraid to travel because you don’t know anyone there? Or, are you are too worried that you might lose all your stuff during your visit there? Or probably encounter a gang or become a victim of some crime in the middle of the night? This is probably a common dilemma among most travelers.

    But, fear not! Japan is a very safe place! It is a place where personal safety is one of the main aspects they are really proud of. A place where even in solitude, you could appreciate the sights of everything without having distressing thoughts caused by the possibility of impending danger.


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    In Japan, even in the cities, you can walk and roam around at night without having to fear that you will encounter kidnappers, snatchers, pickpocketers, rapists, drug addicts, or the likes in the road.

    Or, if they are hiding in the dark areas of the streets waiting for you to fall in their trap and become their prey (If you are from a developing country, or from a developed country where these kinds of people are everywhere, you could relate to this).

    You can also roam around while your bag is open without thinking that somebody will grab your wallet inside, your bag per se, or any valuables you have on your body.


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    And, yes! You can definitely use your mobile phone or any other gadgets anytime, anywhere, in Japan without worry.


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    Further, you can even leave your things unattended, then go back and get them after few minutes. Or, for some reasons, let’s just say that you accidentally left or forgot your hand carried things. They will just totally ignore them! Sounds crazy, huh? But it’s sooo real!!!

    Although in some places, some people might pick it up, not to take home, but to bring in the nearest kōban (police station) where they have a lost and found area. This is if you are outside. If you are in a hotel, try to ask the reception/information area. If you are in a mall, try to ask the people in the counter if you remember which shop you went to or try locate the concierge/customer service area and, whoalah! you will find your things there! If you are very lucky and you have a contact number in your valuables, you might receive a call from personnel in those areas or from the person who found your items and they will return it to you.


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    Not to forget, in Japan, there are cameras everywhere!

    Sugoi, ne? (Amazing, right?)

    For a traveler, maximizing your time and enjoying your experience in a different country are the most important things you should think about. And why not? You did not plan this trip and cut your expenses just to have an unfortunate experience of losing everything you brought with you in your travel. That must be a terrible experience even for a very rich fellow. Girl or not, concern about personal safety is the same and that worry-free feeling is something that Japan could offer! Though, of course, Japan is not 100% crime-free. You still need to be careful and avoid places that you think will put you into trouble. It’s always a must for a traveler. But overall, Japan is a place where you can enjoy and appreciate its beauty without stressing yourself about the offenders out there. It’s a traveler’s safe haven.