2 Hit Japanese Smartphone Games You Need to Play!

  • With the vast number of otaku in Japan, it’s no wonder many of the anime, manga and games in Japan become popular. Thanks to them, many companies and producers are able to survive in the competitive industry to provide us with this kind of entertainment.

    In the past few years, though, there were some games that became huge hits in Japan that seem to have become a craze with many Japanese people. These games have not only made it to smartphones but also have related merchandise that was released. There is soon to be an anime series too. With all that said, which games are they?

    Puzzle and Dragons

    Puzzle and Dragons, also called Pazudora in Japan, has made it to become the top smartphone game in the country. It was only around 2013 when the game got really popular and reached a count of 32 million downloads the following year. Puzzle and Dragons is an easy game to play and all you need to do is match orbs of the same color inside the grid and defeat the enemy by draining its life points with the monsters you have. Monsters either have an active or passive skill that can be used in defeating the opponent monster, leveling up or evolution systems are also used to make your monsters stronger.

    There are also two kinds of quests that the player can choose from, either the normal quest or event quest. Puzzle and Dragons became such a huge hit that it even produced a large amount of merchandise like plush dolls, trading cards and even snacks for kids in Japan.

    Divine Gate

    Divine Gate is a game made by the same people behind Puzzle and Dragons, GungHo. It was released in September 2013. Compared to Puzzle and Dragons, Divine Gate is a speed-testing game where you need to match panels of the same element in five seconds. Once you’ve matched those elements, an attack will be triggered onto the enemy. There are also evolutions, quests and boss characters in Divine Gate and also a ‘gacha play’ where you spin to get a character.

    Divine Gate has a mix of human and monster characters, and the art and character style of the game is one of the most noticeable things about it. The game had quite a number of collaborations with big name animes like Fairy Tail, Steins Gate, Nisekoi, Attack on Titan and a whole lot more. An anime adaptation of the game is also set to be aired next year.

    These games have become a hit in Japan so it’s time for you to try them out too! Both games are available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play. There’s an English version for Pazudora. I’m not sure about Divine Gate, but it’s easy to play, so be sure to check it out as well. A word of advice, though, these games are quite addictive so play with caution and have fun!

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