The World’s One and Only Golden Kitkat Bars

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  • Kit Kat chocolate bars and Japan go hand in hand like milk and cookies. In no other country has the consumer favorite Kit Kat bar been elevated to a cult-like status. There are whole specialty boutique stores dedicated to the product alone. The so-called Kit Kat Chocolatory, found in numerous locations around Japan specializes in hard to find flavors that are not even found in the local grocery stores. Some are limited edition and prefecture-specific. So it comes as no surprise that they would be marketing the world’s one and only golden Kit Kats

    Exactly as the name suggests this golden bar – and it literally only one bar, not the usual 4 bars per package, is a limited release. Called “sublime Gold” there will be 500 bars produced and only sold in Japan. The chocolate will be dark bitter chocolate with deep flavors and intensity coated with edible gold leaf. They will be found around Japan in 8 of their boutique chocolatory stores scattered throughout Japan.

    At 2,016 yen per bar and with limited supply, demand will be high. There are lines already at their boutique shops for the usual flavors, but this one will certainly ensure even longer wait times!

    Should you not be able to get the lucky golden bar, don’t fret. Kit Kat comes with a lot of other regional flavors. Here are just a few samples of all the yummy flavors (see map below):

    Tohoku Edamame (soybean)
    Shinshu Apple
    Tokyo Black Honey
    Shizuoka Wasabi
    Kyoto Matcha Green Tea
    Okinawa Sweet Potato
    plus many more!

    So if you’re looking for the perfect omiyage that also represents each area of Japan, look no further than your local Kit Kat store. If you’re lucky maybe you too can go for the gold! They are on sale starting this month! Itadakimasu!

    KitKat Chocolatory *Japanese Only

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