Kitagawa Keiko, Leading Japanese Actress and Model

  • Have you watched the live action of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon years ago? How about Buzzer Beat starring Yamashita Tomohisa?

    Then, you might be familiar with Kitagawa Keiko (北川景子). She played as Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon live-action while she played as the leading lady for Yamashita Tomohisa in Buzzer Beat.

    Let’s get to know more about Kitagawa Keiko

    Kitagawa Keiko is a Japanese actress and model hailing from Kobe, Japan. She was an exclusive model for one of Japan’s popular magazine for teens, Seventeen. Although, she already stopped modeling for the said magazine, Kitagawa Keiko still appears in Japanese magazines like “More” and “Maquia”. Our leading star was given her first acting role as Sailor Mars for the live-action of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She also had a stint in the Hollywood movie “The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift” in 2006. Did you know that she’s also a university graduate in spite of her busy career in Japan? Keiko finished “Commercial Science” in Meiji University in March 2009.

    Kitagawa Keiko’s projects for 2015 and 2016

    Hero 2015

    Kitagawa Keiko had a leading role for a detective drama this year. She starred as a detective named Sasaki Rena whose role is to chase down illegal detectives. Moreover, she also starred along SMAP’s Kimura Takuya for their movie, “Hero”. What’s more, Keiko will star in a movie entitled “No Youna Mono No Youna Mono” which will be released on January 1, 2016.

    Kitagawa Keiko and Daigo

    Kitagawa Keiko and Daigo were reported to be dating since spring of 2014. They first met in Keiko’s leading drama, LADY ~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ however, they only grew closer when they both appeared in a variety program in Japan. They got married in 2017.

    My personal thoughts on Kitagawa Keiko as an actress

    I first watched Kitagawa Keiko in the drama “Buzzer Beat”. She acted alongside popular Johnny’s idol, Yamashita Tomohisa. Though she didn’t leave a good impression on me in “Buzzer Beat”. I was in awe when I watched her leading drama “LADY ~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~. Kitagawa acted as a fierce and intelligent profiler in Lady. I also watched her drama this year, Tantei no Tantei. As expected of her, she also did an amazing job as a detective here.

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