How to Make Fish-Shaped Sushi That Are Too Cute to Be Eaten!

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  • The traditional sushi is already pretty and sleek with its minimalistic design. However, there are also saiku sushi which is the art of making sushi in various creative forms. For example, the sushi can be made in the shape of koi fish, also known as carp. Check out these sushi shaped like koi fish which you may not have the heart to eat them!

    The gorgeous work of art in the photos above is made by Nishikizushi, which is a sushi shop located in Saiki, Oita Prefecture that provides nationwide delivery. The beautiful translucent outer layer is a made from a piece of squid! The colourful inner designs are made from pieces of egg, nori seaweed, salmon, and sea urchin. If you are in Japan, you can order the sushi here from 1300 yen for a set of sushi.

    If you want to attempt to make koi-shaped sushi by yourself, you can learn by referring to the photos below which illustrate the rough idea behind the making of a koi-shaped sushi:

    The first step is to form the rice in the basic shape of sushi.

    Secondly, you can just paste whatever colorful pieces of food you have such as cod roe, egg, seaweed, and salmon. You can even venture beyond the traditional sushi ingredients and use other ingredients such as fruits, bacon, spaghetti, and whatnot!

    Thirdly, use a thin slice of squid to cover the sushi. Alternatively, you can use other thin slices of translucent fish such as amberjack or seabream. To make the fish look more realistic, you can make a criss cross pattern on the squid layer to make it look like fish scales. Form and add details such as eyes and fins.

    It is amazing what a thin slice of translucent fish or squid layer can do which adds a great touch to the whole look! You can also use prawns to make your koi fish!

    The next time you are making sushi, you can try making it in the shape of these cute fishes instead. It would be a great addition to parties, bento and picnics! You can also be creative and make sushi based on other animals or objects!

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