Get a Taste of Aomori at These 3 Restaurants

  • The Prefecture of Aomori is defined not only by the beauty of its landscapes and mountains that give anyone who visits the area a sense of tranquility, but also by its colorful festivals and unique flavors. Just about 3.5 hours from Tokyo by shinkansen (bullet train), visitors of this northern province have a chance to see the sights and taste the flavors of the Aomori prefecture that locals pride themselves on.

    Miso-Curry Milk Ramen

    The best soul food of Aomori City—miso curry milk ramen can be tasted at Aji No Sapporo Onishi which is located in downtown Aomori. Interesting detail is its unusual name as it hails from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. This innovative ramen flavour was developed by Onishi Fumio (the store owner) in the early 70s in partnership with Sato Kiyoshi (the store’s previous owner). At the time that the new ramen flavor was being developed, the most popular ramen style in the city was shoyu (soy sauce) ramen with a niboshi (dried sardine) broth base. There was a low demand for Hokkaido style ramen. But by means of the word-of-mouth this Hokkaido-style ramen became a success, and started to have a huge following. Local high school students eventually suggested that miso ramen be combined with curry and milk ramen into a single bowl and born was the miso-curry milk ramen.

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    A food trip to Aomori will not be complete without a taste of their Nokke-don. This dish is a do-it-yourself rice bowl topped with ingredients of your own choice. The Furukawa Ichiba market not only offers a wide variety of fresh seafood for your Nokke-don, but also gives you a taste of warm hospitality from the locals. The seafood is offered in individual portions and most of the toppings only cost 100 yen.

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    Kaiyaki-miso is a famous Aomori home-cooked dish that is made from Aomori’s own scallops. The meat of the scallop is cut into pieces and marinated in miso. The marinade is then topped with lightly beaten eggs and cooked in the shell. This simple dish is best paired with local sake. For visitors, the best place to sample this dish is at Rokube, which is owned by Matsumori Toshimitsu. This restaurant is also in a strategic location when you are planning to experience the Nebuta parade.

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