Japanese Revolutionary 5 Bentos.

  • I guess Japanese culture be popular all over the world. And sometime that is mixed. So toward good way.

    A part of them, in this time I focus on Bento Culture from Japan. Bento has been from Heian Era ( in 794 AC) and bento is said “Tonjiki”


    Tonjiki is really simple Bento making of unpolished rice and something. But this time was a really high quality one. And then Bento had advanced. In Edo era the other type show up. And that was a gift to people who serve. In Edo era, Lacquerware was popular and that time The lunch box which made of Lacquerware. But this lunch box was also used in Special days. So not usual day. But from Edo era, Lunch box has been popular until now and from now on too. In 1934 (that time Showa era), that time was in the middle of war. So lunch box is really simple. Rice and a picked Ume. And that is said “Hinomaru Bento”

    Hinomaru Bento

    That lunch box mean Japanese Flag. And that is symbol to win at the war. During the war, almost of all citizen eat this one.

    It spent around 30 years, Japanese Lunch box has changed. And now Japanese people use Lunch Box when you don’t have some foods lunch menu in School. That time we have to carry Lunch box.
    In Japan, There are many kind of lunch box, you can see.

    Lunch box for sports festival in school

    That is really volume one. But to be honest, we usually can eat this one with family. And almost of case, those meal be suitable for son. That is sign to Parents love their son.


    That is character Lunch box. What a cute lunch box there are. That is really interesting one. You guess it has spend enough time to make. That is really true and it is hard to make. But that makes children happy. When your parents cook character Lunch box including dislike foods for sons, It could eat that. Because of so cute and tell the parent’s passion.

    I would like to introduce another Character Lunch box.

    the bill of 5,000 yen

    And From this entertainment, Lunch box culture be more popular beyond Japan. Lunch box is really convenient and really ecological.

    In addition lunch box has good function. For example keeping the temperature. So you can eat meal with hot temperature. so really cool. You can have to change from to buy something meal to make a lunch box.