Come See Hakodate’s Colorful Kousetsuen (Miharashi) Park!

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  • This fall I went to Hakodate with my family for the first time but we didn’t really know much to see there. So after asking the hotel staff and looking through some pictures on different social media websites, I decided that we must go to Kousetsuen park, or also known as Miharashi. We were not disappointed at all despite the fact we went towards the end of the fall season.

    Kousetsuen Park
    This is a picture of the cut out of Totoro that welcomes you when you get off the bus


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    Kousetsuen is not in most of the tour books and that’s a shame. The large park was absolutely amazing. After a 40-minute direct bus ride from Hakodate train station bus stop we got off at the Kousetsuen bus stop and arrived at this beautiful park. We were not alone at Kousetsuen; tourists from around Japan in addition to international tourists were there with their cameras. Once you step off the bus you already see the amazing colors and are greeted by a cut out Totoro from Hayao Miyazaki’s film My Neighbor Totoro.

    This was my favorite part of the park. The different colors and shapes were nice to photograph


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    Once in the park you could spend a long time there. My recommendation is to go right and make a circle around the park. You will not miss anything that way. In addition to all the colorful leaves there is an open area playground for families to enjoy a nice day out.

    Area map of the parks

    There’s also a large information center where you can relax and see local events. When we went, there was a little art show going on inside. Don’t forget to get your park stamp as you walk in!

    This is a picture of the bridge that overlooks a great river


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    To further enjoy your time in Hakodate, you should get the Hakodate day bus pass. For ¥800 you can ride the bus all around Hakodate. The pass absolutely pays for itself. Having the pass was a great way to see the city that you’d normally not be able to see just walking. The bus driver was friendly and let us know when to get off in addition to the bus stop signs having English on them. We got to see many locals living their daily lives and working in their yards. I truly enjoyed watching them pick and then hang the persimmons.

    Come enjoy the beautiful parks in Hakodate. While lesser known, Kousetsuen is a must see during your time in Hakodate.

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