Enjoy Desserts (almost) Too Cute to Eat at Q-Pot Cafe!

  • There are thousands of coffee shops or cafes all around Japan and with each shop having their own unique style and concept. There are your normal coffee chains (both Japanese and international), themed cafes, and some with animals as an added attraction to the cafe. But if you’re looking for something else, then the Q-Pot Cafe is worth a visit.

    Before Q-Pot Cafe came to be

    The concept of the desserts in Q-Pot Cafe is originally from the idea of the accessories being sold at its accessory brand shop Q-pot. Created and designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu, the accessories include the popular patisserie collection with pieces that look realistic like cakes as well as macaron charms. With the realistic image the accessories have, it has been praised as “good enough to eat.”

    Q-Pot Cafe

    The Q-Pot Cafe features a fairy tale atmosphere which female customers will surely love. The interior of the cafe is decorated with Q-Pot themed wallpapers, biscuit-shaped wall art, and even teapot lampshades. The sweets being served are made from the idea of Q-Pot’s accessories and this cafe also serves desserts by season with a variety of teas to choose from to complement them.

    For this coming Christmas season, Q-Pot Cafe will be offering its customers a new Christmas menu. Aside from the regular ring, necklace and eraberu shiawase plates they serve, a special powdered sugar snowman and choco kuma Christmas plate, drink and afternoon tea set will also be included for a limited time. The Q-Pot Cafe has 9 rooms that customers can choose from but the one room within those, the SE”Q”RET room requires a reservation in advance.

    Q-Pot Cafe’s Christmas menu will be running from the 2nd of December until Christmas Day. The selection of desserts that this cafe is offering may be too cute to eat but don’t worry – all of them are edible! If you want to take a break from work and relax for a while, then the Q-Pot Cafe is a good place to hang out in.

    Q-Pot Cafe

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