5 Tasty Aomori Dishes To Warm You Up in the Winter!

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  • Winter months in Japan can get quite cold and the same goes for Aomori Prefecture! But don’t worry because Aomori has some of the best food to warm you up in this cold winter season. The prefecture is a bounty place for marine resources which makes a good match for its local dishes. Read on further and find out what they are!

    いちご煮 (Ichigo Ni)

    Ichigo Ni is a specialty dish in Aomori and is served for special occasions. It is made with Uni and Awabi or Abalone and is simmered in dashi, added with salt and soy sauce for seasoning topped with aojiso. Although the name includes the word Ichigo, there is no strawberry included in the dish but the image of the uni floating depicts the strawberry.

    せんべい汁 (Senbei Jiru)

    Senbei Jiru is a stew that includes broken pieces of Nanbu Senbei which are also part of the dish. This dish is made with ingredients such as pork, chicken or fish chunks added with a variety of mushrooms and vegetables. Even if the senbei is dipped in the dish, it still maintains its crunchy texture.

    じゃっぱ汁 (Jappa Jiru)

    Jappa Jiru is a nabe style fish dish. The broth of this dish is made from the head, bones and skin of the fish giving it a rich taste. The Jappa Jiru dish consists of all parts of the fish from the head, bone, skin and even the meat and entrails cut into bite size pieces for easy consumption.

    貝焼き味噌 (Kaiyaki Miso)

    Kaiyaki Miso is a unique dish that is cooked by using a large scallop shell. The ingredients of Kaiyaki Miso includes white fleshed fish, scallops, tofu and mixed onion and fresh egg to top it off. If you notice the name of this fish, it’s actually the name of how it is cooked: 貝(kai)+焼き(yaki).

    けの汁 (Keno Shiru)

    Keno Shiru is a special dish cooked for the New Year. It is made with a variety of ingredients like carrots, radish, konnyaku, tofu and many more which are cut into pieces and cooked with salt and miso. This dish tastes better when frozen and is usually reheated and eaten after a few days. This dish is quite popular in our household and it doesn’t have to be New Year’s for us to have this as it’s very easy to prepare.

    There you have five of the best local dishes to warm you up in the winter season in Aomori. The dishes include the wonderful catch of seafood in the Prefecture and every dish has its own unique taste and specialty. Why not try these dishes out if you’re in Aomori or even try to recreate them at your home?

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