5 Breathtaking Castles, the National Treasures of Japan

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  • Japan is indeed one of the most famous countries in the world. It is well known for its very high technology and a super power nation. It is known for its boom in economy and wonderful innovations. But besides its popularity in technology and economy, Japan is also a good place for leisure as it showcases lots of wonderful places and tourist spots that you and your family will surely enjoy. Japan is truly a very beautiful country and it boasts lots of national heritages that they were able to preserve so well since the ancient times up to the present time. They have lots of museums and castles that will surely give you lots of knowledge and insights about Japan’s past and history and will show you how they are able to surpass all of life’s turbulence that they had faced. These sites are really considered as their national heritage and treasures that no money can ever replace. Japan is a nation that had badly experienced being torn and destroyed by war and warlords for many centuries and due to this, they have resorted to building hundreds of castles and fortresses to defend and protect themselves. Most of these castles are still standing up to this day which were rebuilt and was tried to be restored and can now be considered as the country’s national treasures and are even considered as cultural heritage sites.

    Here are five of the most popular castles found in Japan that tourists will surely enjoy to visit:


    This castle is said to be like a white heron bird that is ready to take flight over the plains which gave its nickname as the “white egret castle”. This is now considered as the best existing Japanese castle architecture. This is in fact merited as the UNESCO World Heritage Site because it had survived for a long time and is still very much virtually intact since the feudal times. Strong as it is, it survived even the bombings of the World War II. If you will come and see only one castle in Japan, you should make sure to make this the one.



    This is a very small but very beautiful castle that everyone would love to visit because it is a place wherein you can enjoy a Hanami picnic with your family or your companions in solitude. Occupying a hill above the city, this very ancient fortress boasts very good views over Matsuyama, showing its three-story donjon as well as a collection of armor and swords of the Matsudaira clan. Inside, you can find numerous historical facts and well-preserved artifacts from the very ancient periods. Visiting this castle is indeed very much worth it. The museum inside the castle is also really worth a visit to get a sense of its history.



    This is known as the “Crow Castle” due to its black color, this very small castle indeed boasts the oldest donjon ever in Japan. It has a moon-viewing room exhibited inside the castle that has a superb collection of Japanese matchlocks and samurai armor dating from the mid-16th century through the Edo Period. This is also formerly known as the “Fukashi Castle”. It is built on a flat land just beside a swamp, and not on top of a mountain or between rivers just like any other castles that you can find in Japan.



    This beautiful castle features a five-story donjon that is showcasing various samurai gears and artifacts belonging to the Matsudaira clan, with many collections of Edo-Era attractions just outside its moat. The castle’s swooping roofs and decor is always compared to the wings of a plover bird which gave its nickname, as the “Plover Castle.”



    This wonderful castle is indeed one of the nine historic structures that are found in Okinawa Japan. All the other eight structures plus the Shuri Castle collectively make up a World Heritage Site that is truly known worldwide. This structure has both Chinese and Japanese influences and was the center of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Being a world heritage site, this place is indeed full of history and stories to unfold. It’s also one of the nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Okinawa. If you are into historical Japanese architecture, then this is indeed the perfect place for you!


    There are definitely close to hundreds of castles to visit in Japan that people can visit. You can go to any part of the country and you’ll surely find a castle there. These castles are truly a remarkable testament of the great history of the country and really showcase Japan’s rich culture that had been preserved in these structures over the years. This structures don’t only show great structural designs but also proves to the world that Japan had been through the worst and very much devastating wars but it was able to surpass them all. This indeed proves Japan’s resilience towards any form of challenge and how brave the Japanese people are from medieval times up to the present time. This heroism is really something to be proud of and must be shown to all tourists to serve as an inspiration to keep moving forward despite the challenges that might come their way. These structures don’t only show good views but also can teach people great real life stories wherein we all can learn a lot from and pass on to the next generation. These structures and their stories can definitely teach our children right attitude towards life and its challenges no matter how difficult they might seem. These castles are indeed national treasures that we should continue to preserve and keep telling their stories to younger generations so that they will be aware of the history of the country and will understand how their country fought for them. These structures definitely teach a lot of wisdom to everyone and gives moral values as well. They are also good places to create memories and bonding moments with our loved ones.

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