Only in Japan: Eggs that taste and smell like citrus

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  • Japanese are well-known for their creativity, and this time, they fascinate us again with their agricultural innovation. A while ago they have invented a heart-shaped watermelon, garlic coca-cola, now, they came up with the eggs that taste and smell like citrus, known as Yuzu Tama (short for Yuzu Tamago or Yuzu Egg).

    Yuzu Tama was created to smell and taste like Yuzu. For those who might have never heard of it, Yuzu fruit is one of the fruits that the Japanese people love the most. Yuzu is a hybrid of sour mandarin and ichang papeda that is valued for its highly aromatic rind.

    Yuzu Tama was first introduced in Kochi prefecture, southwest part of Shikoku island. The invention had it done all naturally, without using any chemical additives or flavors. In order to make such eggs, all they had to do was to feed the chicken with Yuzu fruit skin, alongside with Kale, non-transgenic corn, and sesame seeds.

    Physically, Yuzu Tama looks just like an ordinary egg, but smells like citrus. The eggs have a light taste of eggs yolk, and the whites have a great texture, neither too soft nor too hard.

    Those who want to try the eggs, only need to pay around 400 to 500 yen (US $3-4) for a six pack, it is quite an affordable option for people who want to mix the taste of eggs with citruses!