Most remarkable modern Japanese fashion styles

  • Maybe you have heard of Japanese remarkable fashion styles! The first thing that came to your mind were probably Kimono(着物)and Yukata(浴衣)! Or maybe Samurai look?
 Of course, some of it is partially true but not totally.
    In this article, I’d like to tell you about some of the modern remarkable Japanese fashion styles that might amaze you.

    I’ve been living here in Japan for quite a few years now! But I still can’t stop admiring local people for their way of expressing themselves through fashion. When going to the famous fashion shopping districts Harajuku and Shibuya with my friends, we see a lot of young men and women wearing their favorite fashion outfits, and we think of how can they pull out such uncommon fashion? It’s really admirable.

    Some of the late remarkable fashion styles in Japan are gyaru/ ぎゃる, lolita/ろりーた, kigurumi/きぐるみ, and visual key.
    Maybe this fashion will amaze others and at the same time there will also be those who’ll criticize this fashion and those who would not pull it out, but I still do believe and think that this kind of fashion will inspire young men and women to get in their closets and show themselves to the world.


    It means “girls” and this fashion originated in 1970’s with an advertising slogan “I can’t live without men”, they started to trend this fashion to inspire Japanese teens and women in their early twenties to get out of their closets and express themselves. Unfortunately later, it is really rare to see them.


    Styled after Victorian and Edwardian clothing, there are many Lolita looks such as gothic, classic, and sweet. The focus on modesty with petticoats, stockings/socks, and headdresses create a very doll-like, demure look. Lolita fashion is actually not as popular in Japan as it is in Europe and the West.

    Kigurumi fashion

    A combination of two Japanese words: kiru (“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”). Commonly, it was referred to the performers wearing the costumes, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves. In Japan, kigurumi costumes are worn as a way to break the conventions of traditional dress… or just as comfy pajamas!

    Visual kei

    I think this fashion took on after Edward Scissorhands movie! It applies to a type of music from Japan that is a combination of Punk Rock and Glam Rock.

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