6 Soothing Covers Sung by Japanese Electro-Pop Band, Q;indivi

  • Q;indivi (キュー・インディヴィ) is a Japanese electro-pop band consisting of three members who are Oikawa Rin who is the vocalist and lyric writer, Tanaka Yusuke who is the composer and sound producer, and Kevin Gilmour who is the organizer also in charge of the rhythm programming. The band also has other spin-off group names such as Q;indivi starring Rin Oikawa and Q;Indivi+.

    If you are one of those people who do not like to listen to songs in a foreign language you do not understand, fret not as Q;indivi sings tons of songs in English which are mostly covers.

    1. Only Time

    This is a cover of that famous song by Enya. If you are amazed by Enya’s version, try this as it will blow you away too! This Q;indivi’s cover has a clear, light, and serene quality.

    2. Part of Your World

    This is a cover of the theme song for Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This song is probably their most recognized song worldwide, judging by the number of Youtube views.

    3. Air on the G String

    Q;indivi also adds lyrics to classical music. To be honest, I think their lyrics are not great but that’s most likely due to English not being their first language. I listen for the tune and not the lyrics.

    4. Over the Rainbow

    This is a more upbeat version of the famous classic song.

    5. Jingle Bells

    Since Christmas is coming soon, why not listen to some Christmas songs? This cover provides a fresh twist to the traditional Christmas song.

    Their songs sound so pure and tranquil which are fantastic if you are looking to have a relaxing time. I would suggest you listen to their cover songs first before listening to their original songs. This is because the English lyrics composed by Q;indivi are not at an excellent level which might deter picky listeners from enjoying their songs. Their English lyrics are usually typical and too cheesy for my taste. Thus, familiar songs like their cover songs would be a good start. By the way, they also have Japanese songs!

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