Let Tokyo Station Light Up Your Christmas Vacation!

  • Tokyo Station is one of the most iconic stations there is in Tokyo and it is also the gateway to Japan’s capital. Centered by the red brick Marunouchi Building, this station has experienced a number of damage and parts of it got destroyed during the second World War but have been restored in 2012.

    In the winter season, illuminations are the winter trend and you can also see quite a number of these around the vicinity of this famous station. The shimmering light will awe you, but there are actually two events which will capture your attention most if you get to see them.

    Tokyo Michi Terrace 2015

    Tokyo Michi Terrace is a special light up display that started in 2012, the same year the Tokyo Station’s five-year renovation was completed. In the past few years, this display used projection mapping to showcase the presentations. But this year, illuminations will be used instead of the former.

    The Tokyo Michi Terrace is quite a popular event and draws in large crowds every year. Due to the event’s popularity, a day of the event got canceled in 2012 due to the traffic disruption that occurred. This year, the Tokyo Michi Terrace will be showing for three days starting on the 24th of December and lasting until the 27th.

    Tokyo Michi Terrace 2015 *Japanese

    Tokyo Colors. 2015

    The Tokyo Colors event just started out last year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station. The Granroof area of the station near the Yaesu Exit is aligned with a majestic display of lights and sounds. The display changes every minute of the day as it reads the direction of the wind which will surely captivate the coming and going commuters.

    This year, the Tokyo Colors. 2015 will be starting from the first of December and lasting until the 11th of January, so there’s a lot of time to see this.

    Tokyo Colors. 2015 *Japanese

    These events will not only showcase their own beauty but also the magnificent landmark of the Tokyo Station. At these events visitors will surely have a great time, so make sure to visit them as well if you’re are in Tokyo on these dates!

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