2 Beautiful Places to See in the Ibaraki City of Mito

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  • Boasting a population of around 260.000, Mito is the capital city of the Ibaraki Prefecture. It has developed as the commercial, economical and cultural center of its area. Besides this, it also serves as the site of a beautiful Japanese garden called “Kairakuen”, which is considered as one of the Three Great Gardens in Japan, and Ibaraki’s Museum of Modern Art. Let’s have a look at these two beautiful places.

    Kairakuen Garden


    Kairakuen was built in the year 1841 by Tokugawa Nariaki, a local lord. Its name means “park to be enjoyed together”, and it served two purposes: the enjoyment of the lord, and the enjoyment of the people. There are over 3,000 plum trees of a hundred varieties, and seasonal plants including azaleas and Japanese Bush clover. These can all be found in the park’s grounds, which are a spacious 13 hectares large. When the plum blossoms are in full bloom, the garden attracts many visitors. In February and March people come for the blooming plum trees, and during the early summer the beautiful blooming azaleas can be enjoyed.

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    The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki


    The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki was opened in 1988 to function as a center for art and culture. Over the years, it has received recognition and appreciation from visitors. With the advance of society in a technological and economical sense, many Japanese people are showing a strong tendency to seek a richer and more meaningful life through art. The role of art museums has become more important than ever in a society where life-long learning has become an important part of life.

    In this museum, people can have easy access to excellent work of arts. It has also been designed to provide educational and cultural activities for the community. The objects of art are based on the area of Ibaraki as the nucleus for its collection. The museum puts on public view modern and contemporary arts of the world.

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    The artistic touch and unexpected beauty of these places will surely leave you wanting to explore this area more!

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