6 Legendary Japanese Automobile Brands

  • It is no exaggeration that Japan is one among the top five countries which produce the biggest number of cars in the world. Japanese automotive industry is one of the largest and most popular industries in the world. Here are 6 iconic legendary Japanese car brands which you may want to know more about!

    1. Nissan


    Nissan is one of the popular car brands that has originated in Japan. Its headquarters is based in Yokohama. Nissan has divisions like Datsun and Nismo. Another division called ‘Infiniti’ is the luxury car segment of Nissan. Nissan is currently in a partnership with the French automaker Renault and is one of the leading sellers in many emerging economies including China and Russia.

    2. Toyota


    This name does not need any introduction probably. Its presence is in every single country on earth and it is one of the largest car-makers in the world contemporary to General Motors and Volkswagen. Toyota has renowned subsidiaries such as Daihatsu Motors, one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. Toyota has divisions too such as Lexus, a largest selling premium luxury car segment. Toyota has a city named after it namely Toyota City (formerly known as Koromo) in Aichi prefecture. Toyota city has many manufacturing plants belonging to Toyota and is around an hour ride from Nagoya.

    3. Subaru


    Subaru is one of the legendary carmakers from Japan. It is one of the earliest innovators in the automobile industry. It is known for its “Boxer Engine” which is still used in many cars in North America and Japan. Subaru is a division of Fuji Heavy Industries and its headquarters is based in Ebisu in Tokyo. It has grown as a popular brand in America.

    4. Mitsubishi


    Mitsubishi Motors is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Group (Often referred to as Mitsubishi Keiretsu), an industrial group which has divisions in shipbuilding, finance, electronics, Oil and Gas and so on. Mitsubishi Keiretsu is one of the biggest conglomerates on the planet. Mitsubishi Motors’ headquarters is situated in Minato, Tokyo.

    5. Honda


    Honda is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world today. Honda together with its partner Hero, an Indian brand, formed a ‘Hero Honda’ which has become the World’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. Honda is also one of the world’s largest producers of internal combustion engines. Honda has its own luxury segment called ‘Acura’. Furthermore, Honda is a well-known participant and supplier of Formula One racing. Its headquarters is located in Tokyo as well.

    6. Mazda

    Mazda is a popular automobile manufacturer just like its aforementioned peers. Its headquarters is based in Fuchu, Hiroshima prefecture. Mazda states that its name is derived from the Persian god’s name ‘Ahura Mazda’.

    Japanese precision is well regarded and is one of the reasons why Japan is a global leader in this industry. The United States, Germany and Japan for long have been and still are the world’s biggest auto markets to this day.

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