Which of These Powers From Naruto Do You Wish You Had?

  • When faced with difficult problems, many people would sigh and wish that they had special powers. It’s common for us to wish for a higher power or a miracle. If you could choose to have a jutsu or two from the Naruto series to help you in these times, which one would it be?

    Shadow Clone Technique


    Have to study last minute for a test? Use the Shadow Clone Technique to study more pages in a short amount of time! Too lazy to go to school? Just use a clone to go to school while you can rest at home! Sure, you still use up energy but at least a part of you get to rest.

    Shadow Imitation Technique


    This jutsu used by Nara Shikamaru will enable you to be a vigilante who stops criminals, leads a dance team with synchronized movements, or simply stops your misbehaving kids.

    Mind Transfer Technique


    You basically get to lead the life of anyone you choose. You can take control of your crush’s psyche and read their diary or tell your rivals off! Or you can possess your enemy and make them do stupid things which are embarrassing!

    Gaara’s Absolute Defense


    Nothing external can ever hurt you. You will always be protected from accidents, rain, or the scorching sunlight.

    Healing Technique


    Even if nothing external could hurt you if you have absolute defense, you could always succumb to other illnesses which require healing.

    Flying Thunder God Technique

    Need to go to school, work, or anywhere you have been before? You do not have to worry about time, transportation and traffic jams. You can take your own sweet time to prepare and you can sleep more because you can reach anywhere in a second! You can also teleport to other countries and save on airplane ticket costs!

    Talking Technique


    The ultimate technique to get through life! Need to pass that difficult job interview? Having a hard time convincing others to buy your products? Not a problem if you master this jutsu. You would be able to convince even people whose opinions are at the other end of the spectrum from yours to look at things from your perspective and to do things your way!

    If you could choose one of these powers from Naruto’s world, which would it be?

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